Good News, Everyone!

Handed down from God himself

Hey hey, everybody. Sorry I’ve been absent. But life has been very busy, and I haven’t had time for smartassery. 

But it looks like I’m back now.
As a celebration, I thought I’d tell everyone aboutFree Cone Day.

What, you might ask, is Free Cone Day? 

It’s simple. Ben & Jerry’s ice cream shops will be giving away ice cream cones. Tomorrow. Here are some step-by-step instructions that should help:

  1. Go to a Ben & Jerry’s store
  2. Obtain free ice cream
  3. Om nom nom nom

Simple enough, right?

And now back to the trenchant commentary for which I am notorious.

5 thoughts on “Good News, Everyone!

  1. Hot diggety! đŸ™‚ There’s one close to my apartment!!!
    Trenchant…? Just make sure you don’t get trenchant mouth, mmmkay?

  2. Ah frack. I’m more than 30 miles from the nearest Ben & Jerry’s. Round-trip that free cone will cost me $6 in gas. In other free food news I’m on the mailing list for Dunkin’ Donuts and they send you free offers now and then. It’s worth checking out. Free is good.

  3. I’ve been amazed at how long people will wait for free ice cream. I don’t know what it says about me who will wait to watch people waiting for free ice cream, though.

  4. Oy. I don’t know that there is a Ben & Jerry’s in Arkansas. Oh well…

  5. enh, we haz frozen custard. better than b&j i bet. ooh, i can haz amaretto cherry. pink amaretto custard wif chocolate covered cherries.

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