Presidential Debate in New Orleans?

The Commission on Presidential Debates deigned NOLA wasn’t ready for a debate but Google and YouTubemust think otherwise.

Google, the dominant Web search engine, and
YouTube, the online video platform, are proposing the forum with the
major party presidential candidates be held Sept. 18 at the Ernest N.
Morial Convention Center, just after the parties complete their
conventions in late August and early September. It would be eight days
before the first scheduled presidential commission debate in Oxford,

The announcement, made today on Google’s Web site, did not reveal
whether any of the candidates — presumptive Republican nominee Sen.
John McCain of Arizona, or Democratic candidates Sen. Barack Obama of
Illinois or Sen. Hillary Rodham Clinton of New York — have agreed to


The New Orleans forum will be hosted by Louisiana Gov. Bobby Jindal,
New Orleans Mayor Ray Nagin and the same consortium that filed the
unsuccessful application with the debate commission: Women of the
Storm, the Greater New Orleans Foundation and Dillard, Loyola, Tulane
and Xavier universities.

I think it will be hard for the candidates to say no to this. Clinton and Obama were critical of NOLA being excluded by the debate commission and last week McCain was in NOLA making all kind of promises as well as you have Republican Bobby Jindal (whose name has come up frequently as a possible VP for McSame) pushing for it. But that may all end up to be meaningless in this crazy campaign…

One thought on “Presidential Debate in New Orleans?

  1. Perhaps the moderator could ask both candidates to walk up the road toJackson Square, which was high and dry after Katrina, and ask why that would not have made the perfect staging area for getting food, portable toilets and water to the convention center.
    I graduated from law school in the Morial center, and it still makes my blood boil to think how BushCo turned it in to one big Nazi cattlecar with their malign neglect. Those were human beings taking refuge at the convention center, and they were treated like filth you would scrape off your shoe and keep on walking.

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