Where Have You Gone, Big Bill?

We could use someone like you now.

That mean-looking motherfucker in the coat and hat above was Big Bill Haywood, a kick-ass union activist from the early 20th century.

When you look at him, you know he understood how to make his point clear. 

Well, Big Bill, we could use you these days. I’ve been somewhat involved with my union’s negotiations with management lately.

Management is made up of reflexive assholes and retarded cuttlefish.

Seriously, fuck those people. I can’t imagine how much this would suck if we didn’t have our union. And I just don’t understand why more working people don’t support them. I’ve worked jobs in a union, and I’ve worked jobs without one. Having a union is infinitely preferable to not having one. Workers can get a much better deal when they bargain collectively, and when they realize that the bosses need us far more than the converse.

Which, of course, is why unions scare the ever-loving shit out of the rich cocksuckers who run this country.

Solidarity forever.

5 thoughts on “Where Have You Gone, Big Bill?

  1. As usual, you’re right. I was first organized as a Teamster back in 1970. I worked as a bartender at the local Labor Temple. Where have those wonderful institutions gone? The bartenders weren’t organized, so the local from Wausau came up & presto, I was making $3.50/hr. & with full benefits. I was recently married & took a lot of kidding that I only organized so that we would have maternity benefits. Oh, & seven days a year I got double-time, $7.00/hr. That Labor Temple was a wonderful building. There were four bowling alleys that I was supposed to maintain. I soon figured out that if one wasn’t working the best thing I could do was to fire a bowling pin into the machinery, it usually worked. Sometimes I’d have to fire two. There was also a big hall upstairs where dances were held. We held our local wedding reception up there. I’ve moved on, but I have always kept my union card in my wallet. If I ever join up again, that card will relieve me of paying initiation fees. We do need Big Bill Haywood.

  2. I was a member of a union. Well, I guess technically I still am; I just put my card on withdrawal. However, the membership totally screwed this particular local up and it looks like it will now shrivel up into nothing. What happened, you ask? The membership let a corrupt motherfucker take over and he managed to take away all the contract negotiation power from the union. (It’s a complicated story, so I won’t bore you here). Anyway, the problem is that most people now have only that type of image of unions–corrupt motherfuckers who are only minimally better than management when it comes to screwing you. So folks decide to hold onto their dues money and not join unions. It’s really too bad–if unions were stronger, workers’ lives would be better, indeed.

  3. Good for you! My father was a Labor Leader with the AFL-CIO many years ago. He brought the city of Mobile to it’s knees with a garbage strike concerning wages and health-care. George Wallace hated him. *giggles*
    Your point about how the Rich Fuckmooks need us more than them is really a valid point. After the Black Death ravaged Europe in the 13th Century, much land laid fallow… workers were needed, but instead of returning to being serfs, they walked if they couldn’t earn money. It gave that class of folks a freedom that couldn’t be stopped. The Feudal Lords HAD TO PAY! Freedom had been won.
    From this came the beginnings of the “little” folks gaining their lives and securing their places in this world. (fits and starts, of course, but the wave was rolling…)
    Hope you folks get what you want.

  4. Both my father and mother worked union jobs most of their working lives. My father was a pilot, and my mother was a teacher. They wonder why I don’t have the same kind of job security they had, and why I’ve only ever had two of what they call “real jobs” (ie. non-contract jobs — the nomenclature bugs me, FWIW). There is no union for lone technical writers. I could organise myself, I suppose, but that would be farcical.

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