6 thoughts on “Saturday Blogwhoring Thread

  1. What is on my mind? Everything. Too much thinking frankly. But one thing that is hovering around in constant anxiety is money. Money and the future.
    And another thing that I’m holding in my head?
    They are getting away with it.
    This is the part of me that is a child that screams, “Not fair!” The part of me that is an adult that insists, “They broke the law!” The part of me that is and Old Vulcan when see it’s twisted and that the needs of the few rich HAVE outweighed the needs of the many. How did they do it? With PR, marketing and lawyers.
    I watched a movie last night “My brother is an only child” where students protested and fought. They blew stuff up and shot powerful people. They were working out the various different ways they knew in order to get to justice. In the end he found the key. It was literally a set of keys. Keys to houses that they bought but didn’t have because of corrupt government was keeping them from the people.
    I think about how hard we are working to let everyone know about the injustices we see, but I also know that I want people to do more than just see it, I want people to do something about it. People who can. The lawyers, the high level officials. I don’t want to lose hope that they will “get away with it.” We all have a part to play in reestablishing the rule of law, an adherence to the constitution, not to fear. That is my hope for the new administration.

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