On His Watch


NEW ORLEANS – John McCain toured still hurricane-damaged areas of New Orleans and declared that if the disaster had happened on his watch, he would have immediately landed his plane at the nearest Air Force base.

Um, John. It did happen on you watch as a US Senator. Here’s what McCain did on August 29, 2005 — the day Katrina wiped out the levies along the Gulf Coast.

9 thoughts on “On His Watch

  1. I’d be very interested to see this contrasted with what Hillary and Obama were doing on that day.

  2. A pretty damning campaign ad, if you ask me. Is that the same place Bush played the guitar?
    I had a blast in the crack van Tuesday night with you guys. Okay, blast is the wrong word, I did enjoy commiserating and drinking and snarking and bitching with you guys. See ya in NC/IN!

  3. Back at ya Dee L! 🙂 If the Crack Van is rocking, don’t bother knocking, get your butt in and fasten your seatbelt…and have [punch3] at the ready! 😉

  4. Holden,
    Thanks for remembering that day with a picture as well!
    That’s what I remembered Huggy McSame doing that day as well. Funny how he wasn’t giving up the cake to command on the scene?
    Racy… I like the way your “mind” thinks. Besides that picture, I think the simple D lawn sign for the general is the picture of St John and Shrub hugging like old boyfriends. Vienna Va keeps it permanently on display at her blog (http://www.thanksforstoppingby08.blogspot.com/)
    PS – can’t wait for the next van… monkees will be flying!

  5. “he would have immediately landed his plane at the nearest Air Force base.”
    two questions: would he be ON the plane?
    would he bring cake?

  6. What a campaign ad. Include a montage of McCain saying it was a collosal gaffe and he would have landed a plane; Bush saying “Heck of a job” Brownie; both McCain and Bush in Arizona.
    McCain – he actively contributed to the initial gaffe, he sticks to Shrub, but he says he’s different.

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