It’s Gonna Be Fine

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I’m a Hillary supporter, and still am, but I can be an Obamaniac this presidential election. And I won’t be holding my nose when talking him up to others and voting for him in November–I think that he’s an excellent and exciting candidate for OUR Democratic Party, who possesses dynamic leadership and vision. Throughout the entire, grueling primary season, I never thought that supporting one of them meant that you had to demonize the other, and I believed that either Clinton or Obama would have been worthy of our support and respect. And if Hillary had won the nomination, my thoughts still would have been the same, and my opinion of Obama still would have remained just as high. I know there has been talk about Hillary supporters defecting this November, but I just wanted to put my two cents in–we will all resolve our differences (whatever they may be–I never thought the schism was as great as the two camps made them out to be), kick some Repuke ass in November and take the first step in making this country great again!

Threats of defection to the Republican ticket should the speaker’s preferred candidate not win have largely come from two major constituencies:

a ) Attention whores.

b ) TV dickheads like Howard Fineman who recognize that the DEMOCRATS ARE DOOOOMED meme is only viable so long as the Democratic primary was still going on, and who are now going to be desperate for airtime and a storyline to get it for themselves.

I respect the work done by the Democrats, all the Democrats, in getting their asses out to vote and march and work and fight for Democratic interests. All the rest of it is just bullshit barroom bravado and long after we forget who said what to who that pissed us off, we’ll remember the thousands and thousands of Democrats who stood in lines and showed up to vote. People are, by and large, grown-ups and while this process may have inspired some of them to fight fights they wouldn’t otherwise have fought, while this process may have made all of us at one time or another angry or disappointed, while there are still rifts to be healed and problems to be solved within our own party, it is still our own party.

And in our own party, when we get knocked down we get back up.

If there’s a lesson to be learned, by everybody, after this primary season is finally over, it’s that.


7 thoughts on “It’s Gonna Be Fine

  1. No kidding.
    Anyone who wants to vote FOR McCain – go for it.
    My one and ONLY issue with McCain is this – Navy pilots are arrogant bastards. They need to be to stay alive, and to keep the likes of us safe. While their loyalty, decisiveness, and tendency toward choosing a survivable course makes combat aviators effective and earns them honor and a loyal following, it does not make them leaders.
    I’m closely related to one. He’s awesome, and a local civic leader, but that edge he developed makes him a little dangerous. Daring him is a bad idea.
    Leadership is a different skill set entirely.

  2. PS, the aviator I know was stationed with McCain in the very early 60’s in TX, and was also a carrier pilot, but was in a different squadron. The similarities are eerie, as they went to the same schools.

  3. When I was a kid, I learned the best response to someone who says, “I’m going to take my ball and go home!” is to say, “Okay, who wants to go get another ball?”
    So with regard to those few who are placing themselves in that role, leave them alone, let them get over their hurt and frustration, and they’ll remember what’s most important to all of us. We have time. It’ll be okay.

  4. It’s no different than if you’re, say, a baseball fan and live in New York and want to cheer on both the Yankees AND the Mets. People just don’t understand when I tell them I like both teams. To me there’s very little difference between Obama and Clinton, they’re both practical centrists either of whom would be much better for the country than McCain or what we’ve had for the past 8 years.

  5. I’m wit’yall in the other way. I would work for Hillary if she became the candidate but I was lean towards Barack. I like Obama more than I liked the Clintons. I also think that only something absolutely new and radically apart from the status que will save us from totalitarianism. Mainly I just want those levees repaired and the Corps of Engineers de’throned and dragged through the streets in pasties.
    I really enjoy your whole take on this election as I had come to the conclusion that America just doesn’t DO elections any more. At least there are people who still care and know how to express it.
    Editilla~New Orleans News Ladder

  6. I never believed that in my lifetime I would see a black President, but it’s going to happen & I am just so happy. It lightens up a lot of the heaviness I’ve been feeling for the last few years. The best thing would be for President Obama to appoint John Edwards as Attorney General. Edwards has the brains & skill to put these Bu$hCo criminals behind bars. Either that, or they will be buying second homes in countries that don’t have extradition treaties with us.

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