Today on Athenae’s Obsession with the Freepi: A Crack In Everything

I offer the above as a stunning example of what not to do in a speech, and to explain the following:

Why, oh WHY…does he always sound:

A) Angry

B) Like an automaton

We need to start a fund for a speech coach for John…

Dammit, another one of those grins at his own lines like he was doing in the first debate. That’s a very annoying habit.

We are so screwed.


Why listen at all? You know if he says anything you like it’s lie. The guy’s a politician fer cryin’ out loud. He’ll say anything his ‘handlers’ tell him to and if it comes out wrong he (and they) will say we’re taking it out of context.

Are you listening to the crap spewing out of the Republicans? From McCain on down they have all ready surrendered to the Left. McCain will be the best Democrat President ever. All the Leftism only with a GOP label slapped all over it. Iraq is done, what is left is mop up. We will be pulling troops out of there in 2009 no matter who is President.

It is almost as if the Republicans are trying to lose the White House. How in the HELL can this guy be the best in the Republican party. My Goodness he is soooo lame. Attacks are president on the War and GITMO.. Hugs a tree and kisses Hillary’s Butt. Oh I think I am going to Barf…

“I hate that sh*t eating grin of his!”

It’s OK considering the North Vietnamese knocked a lot of his teeth out.

OK, that was a pathetic display of McCain supporters. What a weak crowd. Guess they pretty much reflect what we feel!

Good grief what a Washington DC JackA$$… F him and F the Republican party. They obviously do not give a Ratt’s A$$ about Conservatives. What a jerk!

Are you all sitting here wondering…how did we end up with this man as our nominee? I mean really. He’s dreadful on so many levels.

Did he even READ this speech before tonight?

His style is going to be an awful contrast against Obama’s.

No. Really?


14 thoughts on “Today on Athenae’s Obsession with the Freepi: A Crack In Everything

  1. Thanks to you for doing the dumpsterdiving and pulling out these pearls. Great enjoyment for me and I don’t have to shower the freepslime off.
    I think McCain really made a horrible mistake deciding to go basically toe-to-toe with Obama. Mccain looked like they Crypt Keeper.

  2. riffle, it was fucking staggering. I kept flashing back to the first Kerry/Bush debate, when I was watching it with Mr. A going, “It’s not just me, right? You’re seeing this unholy stupendous one-sided asskicking too, right?”
    And he didn’t reply because his mouth was hanging open in utter astonishment.
    Sigh. Memories.

  3. Meh. Freeperland, like Larry Johnson’s House O’ Crazy, are going to have as much effect on this election as a random marmot.
    Still, you’re braver than I, A, for subjecting yourself to that!

  4. Wow, next time you subject yourself to ‘teh freepi’, take some steak sauce, ’cause they are eating their own…and face it, McCain must be ropy and chewy as hell!

  5. I’m a Hillary supporter, and still am, but I can be an Obamaniac this prsidential election. And I won’t be holding my nose when talking him up to others and voting for him in November–I think that he’s an excellent and exciting candidate for OUR Democratic Party, who possesses dynamic leadership and vision. Throughout the entire, grueling primary season, I never thought that supporting one of them meant that you had to demonize the other, and I believed that either Clinton or Obama would have been worthy of our support and respect. And if Hillary had won the nomination, my thoughts still would have been the same, and my opinion of Obama still would have remained just as high. I know there has been talk about Hillary supporters defecting this November, but I just wanted to put my two cents in–we will all resolve our differences (whatever they may be–I never thought the schism was as great as the two camps made them out to be), kick some Repuke ass in November and take the first step in making this country great again!

  6. And frrepers would have hated anybody that the Repukes nominated, even if Shrubya could have run again. Poor stupid, nasty freepers!

  7. “Good grief what a Washington DC JackA$$… F him and F the Republican party. They obviously do not give a Ratt’s A$$ about Conservatives. What a jerk!”
    Wow! If that is the voice of modern conservatism, so much is explained.
    Why, they sound like some kind of “moonbats” or something.

  8. I can’t wait for a debate. Obama is going to mop up the floor with Grandpa! McSame doesn’t stand a chance. He’s gonna show that famous temper, too. Oh, it’s gonna be good.

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