Bush… letter, what letter?

There is so much in theSalon article on Rove playing politics during the Katrina disaster it’s hard to highlight it all (see post below). But another point which caught my attention (as well asOyster’s) was this one…

“Well, I have no
intention of turning over my National Guard to you,” Blanco said.
“Anyway, the evacuation of the Superdome is now well underway and after
that we will begin finishing the evacuation of the Convention Center.”
This was true. While the administration had bickered over politics,
Blanco had expanded the size of her National Guard by accepting
deployments of guardsmen from all of the other 49 states.

By federalizing her guardsmen, Blanco would have been admitting
that it was the state that was unable to handle the disaster, not the
federal government. The Bush administration could have argued that they
had had to save the day for Blanco because she was not up to the task.
However, if Blanco didnot take the bait, the scheme was dead.
Blanco wondered about Bush’s confusion. Was he really confused or just
trying to get her to sign the waiver?

It didn’t matter. Not only did Blanco refuse to sign, she gave Bush
a two-page letter detailing everything the state needed to cope with
the disaster — troops, buses, supplies, money, and more.It would not
be until several days later, when Blanco’s aides released the letter to
the press and got frantic phone calls from Rove’s aide Maggie Grant,
that it became clear that Bush had taken the letter Blanco had
personally handed to him —
and lost it.
(my emphasis)

Sweet Jeebus

10 thoughts on “Bush… letter, what letter?

  1. The fucktard probably just threw away Blanco’s letter, thinking, “If that mean ol’ governor won’t let me have my way, then I’ll show her”, as he petulantly tossed the letter down the blue ice chute on Air Force One.

  2. It is long past time to accept that George W. Bush is stupid. If he were to take a standard intelligence test he would test below 90, possibly below 80. His criminal cunning does not substitute well for basic intelligence. Some people look stupid and sound stupid, but really aren’t stupid. That isn’t Bush. He is truly stupid. But, do you know who is even more stupid? One hint – how did he become president?

  3. What’s frustrating though, is that a couple of talking points managed to gain some traction, the first being “government failed on all levels” and “now’s not the time to point fingers/spread blame.” The latter (roughly akin to the “we don’t comment on an ongoing legal matter” nonsense re: Scooter Libby) was a classic stalling tactic, the former now as much a part of the mythology as anything.
    Not that I get to travel all that much, but when I do, and when I talk to people about the events three years ago, they still seem to think it was as much a failure of state and local government as it was national. And unfortunately is likely to remain the case. Despite reporting like Alexander’s, and additional evidence that clearly shows Blanco did pretty much everything a governor can be expected to do, it seems as if the mythology is believed even more fervently than the facts…

  4. “…it seems as if the mythology is believed even more fervently than the facts…”
    See my comment above. More evidence.

  5. that the cretin-in-chief would (even in these dire circumstances) STILL think of ‘power’ first over human lives just cheeses me off more than ever – and there was/is a LOT of cheesed off Elspeth in these 8 years.
    On an up note, I have finally plunged into the laptop crowd! Be afraid…be very afraid…LOL!

  6. you expect georgee to touch something written by a democrat?
    or read something?

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