12 thoughts on “You Still Suck

  1. It’s the ultimatereductio ad absurdum of the media deregulation and merger mania of the 1990s: If you’ve bought out the competition, why bother trying at all?
    Run more ads, wire stories and syndicated columns & hope nobody notices.

  2. I’m watching Newsday implode. I’ve lost track– Zell is selling to the Dolans instead of Rupert, but does Zell still own Trib empire? Did he ever? Not sure. Anyway, the paper has long been declining but in the last month it slip-slid away just about completely. No more international news from Newsday reporters; local columnists basically gone; no food pages just about!; the main film review is absent (you are supposed to go to the website to read it)… and on and on. The other day I thought they had taken out the funnies but at least they still have a double page of toons…

  3. Plastic surgery. (Thinking about our local paper–in an attempt at improvement, it has been made thinner and shinier, like an aging sit-com star.)

  4. The Trib sucks, but the Sun Times stopped trying when Murdoch bought it, and the Herald never even bothered.
    As pathetic and reactionary as it is, the Trib is the only real newspaper in Chicago. And as much as I despise it, I still read it every day. It’s not a real day without a real newspaper.

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