Your President Speaks! Again!

Friday, during an interview byGianni Riotta of RAI TV, Italy

The Global War On Plurals Continues

But the truth of the matter is, one reason why food price is so high is because energy prices are high.

Driving A Tractor Is An Energy

I mean, when you think about it, farming is a pretty energy-intensive business — fertilizer is an energy; driving a tractor is an energy; crops to markets require energy.

What We Got

Look, we got a lot of common areas: Afghanistan — and I will thank the Italian people for their sacrifices to help this young democracy.

It Was What It Was Not?

And it was — we’re all disappointed the intelligence wasn’t what it was.

What’s Called Sellout University

Start a freedom institute at what’s called Southern Methodist University in Dallas, to talk about the universal values of freedom abroad and at home.

2 thoughts on “Your President Speaks! Again!

  1. If he is so wise about how farming is an energy intensive business, how come he didn’t see it coming 5 years ago?
    BTW – looking at the market, how effective was the magical $600 tax rebate?

  2. Global War on Plurals and What We Got: I will miss these subheads but not more than I would have missed the Constitution. Go, O!

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