Today on Athenae’s Obsession with the Freepi: Snubbing!

Back in January, I said that the minute the primaries were over, John McCain would assemble, with Jesus and Zombie Reagan, into a giant battle robot behind which the Freepi would fall in line to beat the Democratic nominee.

I was so, so wrong.

They still hate his ass, as evidenced bythis post in which they rip on him for refusing to meet with Rev. Billy Graham.

What a mess we’re in. Another not to vote for McCain.

This is a character problem with McCain, he seems to be a man who is unable to listen to what anyone has to say. HE knows all, and is the AUTHORITY.

Troublesome personality McCain is. I just do not like him.

He runs just like a man trying to lose. I really think he is working for the other side – his job is to throw the race & let the dems win this time. Everything he does seems to be calculated toward that goal. Incredible!

But, but, but wait!

This is a garbage story, whipped up into something more than it is by NEWSMAX, which has to get web hits. No different than McClellan trying to sell books.

Just so we’re clear, when it’s a story about Michelle Obama having a lesbian three-way with Hillary and her assistant, Newsmax is still an unimpeachable source.

They’re not too thrilled with McCain’s potential Cabinet, either:

McCain isn’t going to need a cabinet, except the one to hide his strawberries in at the old geezer’s rest home come November.

can see no better position for Obama than presidential speech writer. No one can deny that Obama’s speeches have been masterful.

Instead of speech writer, make him the Speech Giver, like a pinch hitter in baseball, cuz McCain sucks.

Verbal communication certainly isn’t the Republican leadership strong points. The current president can’t put coherent thoughts in a sentence form and either makes up words or mangles existing ones while the candidate gives speeches that sound like he’s talking to himself…

Get your head out of McCains butt and smell freedom, because it is slipping away and McCain and his cult followers of fellow Socialists are in the pack.

Smell the freedom. SMELL IT!!!!

All is not lost, though. McCain will be president because GOD LOVES US.

America is the most blessed country and God will never forsake America the greatest and most benevolent nation in history of mankind.

John McCain will be the next President of the United States.

Well, maybe:

Senator McCain I didn’t know you posted here


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  1. I am fairly certain that the Rethuglicans want to lose this election in all ways. Someone more articulate on another blog said this, too, so it’s not just me. Not sure if even the Flying Spaghetti Monster himself (is the FSM a he?) could put things back together again…

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