Happy Kerry Photo: New Times’ Sake Edition

See, now that the primaries are over, we can get back to doing what we do best here at First Draft.

Which is to say, BOYFRIEND:


Baby, baby, you so fine baby:

On an Obama campaign conference call with reporters just now, prominent Obama supporter John Kerry unleashed blistering criticism of McCain over the comments.

Speaking of military families, Kerry said: “To them it’s the most important thing in the world when they come home.”

Kerry also cast the comments as proof that McCain is befuddled about the situation our military finds itself in. “Our generals have made it crystal clear that we cannot sustain our forces in Iraq at this level,” he said.

“Senator McCain, it is important when they come home,” Kerry concluded. “It is important when we can revitalize our military.”

With the CHAIR!


5 thoughts on “Happy Kerry Photo: New Times’ Sake Edition

  1. Horrible presidential candidate, but hot as hell. He’s sure packing more than Chimpy McFlightsuit.

  2. Uh, what is all that gear for?
    I mean, I understand, I think, the beltpack and the nylon windpants and maybe even the microfiber shirt.
    But…swear to God, I know no sport that calls for all those things, and a mason’s chalk line, so that’s *gotta* be something else dangling off the daisy chain at the right hip.

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