Your President Speaks!

Satruday, inParis, during a presser with Frnech President Sarkozy.

Rich Iranians Need Not Apply

As a matter of fact, Vladimir Putin delivered that very message to the Iranian regime. He also delivered this message: that because you have been untrustworthy, because you haven’t fully disclosed your programs to the IAEA in the past, that we can’t trust you to enrich. And therefore Russia will provide the fuel necessary for the civilian nuclear reactor. And therefore you don’t need to rich.


We want their economy to be strong so people can grow up in peace and hope; and they’ve got a — this Ahmadinejad is obviously — takes a different position from that.

His Policies Is

So his policies are what’s creating the depravation inside Iran.

What Olivier Has Got

Olivier. Tossing a bone to somebody who has got a French name.

Do You Know?

And therefore, we’re working hard with the elected government of Iraq about, you know, U.S. presence and coalition presence, in a way that the elected government is comfortable. And it’s interesting to be working with a democracy where, you know, people are trying to prepare the ground to get something passed in the parliament, for example, or the free press is vibrant.

When “Is-Is” Meets “You Know”

So my point to you is, is that, you know, it’s been a — there’s always difficulties in democracies, but the notion of getting this work done is important.

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