RIP: George Carlin


One of my favorites… place for your Stuff:

5 thoughts on “RIP: George Carlin

  1. pansypoo says:

    TITS was one of the 7 words? PISS??? BUT, i shoulda sent him a letter. POONTANG is not in the dictionary, it’s so bad! and not everybody has heard the word. now THAT is a bad word!


  2. mdhatter says:

    Another great clip is hosted byS,N!
    this is a sad day for the whole mo********ing universe.


  3. CybScryb says:

    The world gets a little smaller each and every time someone like George, or Bo, or Cyd passes to a place eternally free from Bush/Cheney.


  4. pansypoo says:

    he did lose his wife.


  5. liprap says:

    That’s my favorite bit of his, too.
    This oughta teach me to go to south Florida. I come back from there and find out George Carlin died. Why can’t it be some rabidly right-wing pol?


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