Your President Speaks!

Last Wednesday, July 2, at theWhite House, during a roundtable interview with the Japanese press.

What He Got

So here’s the thing — I’m going to have a few comments, and then got time for one question apiece.

Return Of The Is-Is

My own view is, is that here in the United States we can do more to find oil.

Diversifying The Fuel

Here at home, as you know, we’re diversifying the fuel by the use of ethanol.

What’s Driving The Food Prices

In terms of food prices, a lot of the food prices are being driven by energy costs.

What We Got To Remember And Mean

And we got to remember that there is suffering in the world and that when we speak, when we make pledges, we got to mean what we say.

People… People Reminding People…

And I will gently remind people, to the extent I can be gentle, that it’s important for people, when they hear us talk, to know that there will be results.


And so we’ve got a — by the way, this all is part of this war on terror — I do want to thank the Japanese government and Japanese people for clearly understanding the stakes.

What The Six-Party Talks Is

Secondly, I believe that the six-party talks is the best way to effect change in the North Korean regime — positive change.

Can Japan Do It More Better?

The question is can Japan solve this issue alone better, or does it make sense to have the United States and other countries expressing the same concerns?

An Effective Way To Deal With A Problem Way

And it’s an effective way to deal with a problem way diplomatically.

Rebellion In The Cerebellum

And we of course will consult with our partners to deal about — I mean, step one is no change in the current status, which means highly sanctioned — probably the most sanctioned nation in the world. And step two is, of course, we’ll consult and figure out a way forward.

Holy Crap!™

You know, it’s an interesting notion that — I said today in my press availability in the Rose Garden — I don’t know if you were there or not — you know, I wonder whether or not some of these nations who are creating greenhouse gases — but considered still developing nations — are used to the period of Kyoto, when they weren’t held to account about what they were producing. I wonder if that’s their mind set. Because if it is, it’ll make any international agreement ineffective if they’re not a part to it, because, you know, it is estimated that — well, China is creating a lot of greenhouse gases and will continue to do so.

Medulla Ohmigodda

And step one is a long-term goal. In other words, if you can get nations to commit to a goal, you’ve got them committed to a process. If, however, the process doesn’t matter whether you’re a part or not, or you may be a part at some point in time — in my mind that won’t produce the results that are necessary to deal with the global climate change issue.

Is-Is Strikes Again

And I told you about some of the technologies dealing with automobiles and, you know, the interesting thing is, is that the world is now beginning to waken up to the beauty of nuclear power.

If One Is They

And, I mean, if one is really concerned about global warming and greenhouse gases, they ought to be carrying signs insisting upon the development of nuclear power plants.

One Of The Things That Iteresting Is

And you know, one of the things that interesting is Japan and the United States are working on technologies to deal with the waste.

Synaptic Static

But this will be a great opportunity to discuss about other things we can do while we’re trying to work — you know, by the way, everything we’re going to do is meant to strengthen the United Nations process and not weaken it.

There’s A Process

I mean, that is a complete declaration, at least of that aspect of what they said — when they said they would dismantle — or disable and then dismantle. And so we’ve got — you know, there’s a process.

Face Serious

We did conduct multilateral diplomacy, and the world was supportive of saying to Saddam Hussein, disclose, disarm, or face serious — and he made the choice. He was the one who got to make the choice because he — you know, he defied the world.

The JimmyJeff Process

Now I understand sometimes people love process so everybody feels good, you know.

What I’d Ask Me

Now, one thing that’s interesting — I think I’ll you find this interesting, at least you’ll play like it’s interesting — is this: Should the Iranian regime — so I’m the guy who just talked about nuclear power, right? Should the Iranian regime — do they have the sovereign right to have civilian nuclear power? So, like, if I were you, that’s what I’d ask me.

What Sato Got

Sato. Got another question?

Son Of Is-Is

My attitude is, is that I — look, this was a painful period in our respective histories.

Promoting Japan’s Relations With Japan

And we expect Japan to work hard to have good relations with Japan, just like Japan ought to hope that we have good relations with China, which we do.

A Good Relations

In good foreign policy and good diplomacy, a good relations with one makes it easier to have a better relations with another country.

Brain Strain

We’re pushing forward on an action-for-action, verifiable — and by the way, the next stage of this, just so everybody is comfortable, there will be a verifiable — a verification regime in place, so that — to answer your question, Michero, it will be less speculation and more transparency.

His Base

Q You must be the most excellent expert on oil business.

THE PRESIDENT: Yes. (Laughter.) Look where our price is. (Laughter.)

Democrat Leaders

And now all of a sudden the price got high enough where the American people are now beginning to hear that message, and I hope the Democrat leaders in Congress hear it, which is, you know, allow this new technology be deployed to find new reserves.

There Was 15

Let’s see, Iraq and troops. Okay. First of all, there was — the people have — okay, you got to have benchmarks. I think there was 15 benchmarks — 18 benchmarks.

Mental Meltdown

You know, law enforcement is there is an action, there’s a crime, and then there — law enforcement acts.

Whoever The Next President Understands

And my hope is whoever the next President understands this is a war and that we can’t relax, and that there’s an enemy that wants to do free people harm, and that we have an obligation as free societies to keep the pressure, not only for our own security, but for the security of others.

The Creature From The Black Is-Is

The answer is, is because safe haven is a risk.

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  1. oh lordy. i ain’ gonna read. only makes my head hurts. i DO have some stuff on his july 4th spechage on my blog. DUer found it edited. and some good shit cut out, but would have been odd coming out of shithead’s mouth.

  2. I can’t believe you let this one slide without comment:
    the world is now beginning to waken up to the beauty of nuclear power.
    Not sure which is worse there: “wakening up” or “the beauty of nuclear power”…

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