Today on Athenae’s Obsession with the Freepi: Happy Fourth!

So you and I spent the weekend eating grilled meats or veggies, calling Senators, watching fireworks and generally enjoying being alive in the Land of the Free on its birthday.The Freepi, those stirringly patriotic folks, spent their holiday weekend bashing a third grader. Don’t act surprised.

The story, which reminds me of the time my little brother and I were totally gonna save the rainforest by collecting pennies from everybody on the block:

Some kids entered SamTrans’ “Art Take a Bus Ride” competition because they like to draw. Nine-year-old Kevin Huo of Foster City did it because he wants to help save the world.

“I had to get my message out to everyone so they’d understand that this Earth is getting sick,” Huo says. “I want everyone to understand that they should ride the bus and lower their carbon footprints.”

Huo, a third-grader at Audubon Elementary, won the contest’s grand prize with a drawing he describes as a vision of a healthier future. SamTrans spent $5,000 to plaster one of its full-size buses with a blown-up version of the picture, in which windmills and solar panels form the backdrop for a line of smiling bus passengers.

Take it away, Freepi!

Methinks this kids parents didn’t beat him nearly enough.

The kid has already attained the emotional maturity and intellect of the average environmentalist.

I wonder if the idealistic little geek has ever ridden a bus on a 110 degree day with 90% humidity.

Someone needs to show this brainwashed tyke what windmills do to the precious little birdies…

Oh Kevin?

Shut up ya little twerp, you don’t know jacksh*t, all you know is what your local tree-hugging communistic environmental-wackos have been pouring into your now-polluted and deluded mind.

The birds are going to die, the trees are going to eventually become a hazard to life and limb, and it will be all your fault. Why? Because we humans are the biggest threat to the environment, isn’t that what they’re telling you, and me, and everyone else 24 hours a day, 7 days a week?

Kid, you don’t know a fraction of what you DON’T know.

You sure told that 9-year-old! Booyah!

There are days I seriously don’t know what to do with them.


4 thoughts on “Today on Athenae’s Obsession with the Freepi: Happy Fourth!

  1. I’m up for it.
    FWIW, in case someone out there got taken by that windmills-birds thing, windmills are only bad for birds if youstupidly plant them in the middle of major migration routes. *shakes head*

  2. C’mon Athenae, cut the freepers some slack here!
    Haven’t they been told time and again to “pick on someone their own size?”.
    Of course, modern 9-y.o’s can probably wipe the floor with the freeptards in an internet showdown, if they catch wind that the freepers are dissing them.

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