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  • Study: More needed to be done for use of mass transit in evacuation plans for disasters. Finds lack of leadership and few regional urban areas have plans for mass evacuation. And:

Meeting the needs of people without cars or those with special needs,
such as the disabled and poor, is especially important, White said. “It
really is an Achilles’ heel in local emergency plans and response
capabilities,” he said.

Three years later and I guess much of America is in the same boat as metro New Orleans was in 8/05…though they did evacuate 90% of their population.

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  1. I could possibly see a claim of sovereign immunity from FEMA had they recognized the problem and taken steps to correct it. After all, things needed to move fast at the time.
    But in all the foot dragging and possible evidence tampering (ranging from sequestering evidence and trying to delay releasing the evidence) I don’t see how they can do anything but admit intentional malfesance. It seems like this would cast a jaundiced eye on their case.
    Also, I was interested to see that the average purchase cost of the trailers was around $ 20,000. Considering that they were buying in bulk, it seems like they should be able to get a better price.

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