Maybe it is what it is…

I don’t know whysomepeople can’t just leta-so-low-I-weep campaign ad art wash over them. I mean the meaning is obvious and logical and nothing more–Obama is a celebrity and that is Bad so McCain hates celebrity and as The Leader, he will do something about it. He may have already started…


Kate and Lance had a nice little romance going until this past weekendwhen

It was at the conference that Hudson and Armstrong decided to go their separate ways, a source tellsUs.

Andwho was at that conference?


My Friends it would be irresponsible not to speculate…did thepresumptuous John McCain break up Kate and Lance in his war on celebrity?

( seriously now…November can’t come soon enough)

2 thoughts on “Maybe it is what it is…

  1. Didn’t McCain support Schwarzenegger for Governor of California when he was still just an actor and weight lifter?

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