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Who you callin’ a bitch?

ANCHORAGE, Alaska – The Alaska lawmaker leading an investigation into Gov. Sarah Palin’s dismissal of her public safety commissioner should be removed because he appears to be manipulating the probe to damage her vice presidential candidacy, a Republican legislator says.

Alaska state Sen. Hollis French “appears to be steering the direction of the investigation, its conclusion and its timing in a manner that will have maximum partisan political impact on the national and state elections,” state Rep. John Coghill said in a letter dated Friday.

Coghill, from North Pole, is on the Alaska Legislature’s Legislative Council, the body that appointed French to oversee the investigation. The letter was sent to the council chairman, Sen. Kim Elton, D-Juneau, whom Coghill asks to convene a meeting to discuss whether French should be replaced. Coghill’s efforts were reported by Newsweek Saturday.

All the talk going around is that the McCain campaign didn’t vet Palin because they’re incompetent and full of fail. I bought into it for a minute too, after all, what other excuse could there be? You know, I’ve been at this five years and sometimes the sheer venality of it still takes my breath away. They didn’t vet Palin not because they couldn’t get it together to do so, but becausethey knew it wouldn’t matter anyway.

Think about it. She’s going around telling a bunch of bullshit lies about a jet and Ebay and earmarks and a bridge? Doesn’t matter, just attack “the liberal media” and they’ll shut right up, or even if they don’t, people will be inclined to believe you and not the front pages. She’s being investigated for illegally interfering in the operations of law enforcement? Doesn’t matter, just get some Lesser Fuckstick on the phone to put out a nasty press release decrying the politics of one government official investigating another, with no sense of irony at all, because if you shock them into breathlessness, it’s harder to formulate a response. All their problems are going to go away now, because this is how theydo, and if this was the first time, I’d be more forgiving of myself for being caught off guard.

The thing is, it really pisses me off, because we should know better than this. I should have known better than this, and for the love of Christ the Democrats should have known better than this, to think they would have done anything else. For the last eight years at least all they’ve ever done is what they accuse us of doing: rampant spending, wild politically motivated illegal acts, unprovoked wars of nation-building gone horribly wrong, demeaning the troops, desecrating the flag, being ignorant as fuck about the country they purport to love (the Founding Fathers wrote the Pledge of Allegiance? Come on). The only things they’re interested in accusing us of are the things they do themselves, and I should know better by now. So should the people who, you know, have actual positions in the party and don’t just write about stuff that pisses them off on a web site.

It was completely predictable, that they would do this. It completelysucks, but it was predictable.



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  1. It shouldn’t matter too much. Obama is only going after Palin on her crystal clear record of being a porkmonging civil servant who has a problem with repeating her record…what’s that word…honesty.
    OT: My mom went to an Obama volunteer meeting here in FL today and she was VERY impressed. Ran like clockwork and the big emphasis was ‘no drama’. Obama’s big play is to outwork McCain to win. It helps that he’s both smarter, more ethical, and right on the issues but to use a ‘hockey mom’ metaphor Obama is the meanest forechecker on the planet.

  2. A.

    The thing is, it really pisses me off, because we should know better than this. I should have known better than this, and for the love of Christ the Democrats should have known better than this, to think they would have done anything else.

    What would you have done different?
    One of the things that I now about PR is that you can always spin stuff. And even if the Spin is TOTAL bullsh*t if you just say it with a straight face (better yet put out an official press release with some politician’s name attached) the press HAVE to write it as if it was real. Then, as you know, they go get the democratic response to something insane. It is not THEIR JOB anymore to even question the silliness. As long as they say it the media has to repeat it. That is now how they define the job. This means that the responses need to be better. They people on the phone need to be more clear that this is BS but to understand that the press will HAVE to run the “offical” BS. However the good news is that the Democrats can at least call the republicans on the BS, but to do that they have to remember to ask the reporter,
    “So, what did the Republicans the reason is? Exactly? [Laughter] Okay let me tell you what that is so ridiculous.”

  3. It always outrages me when the press tells us they don’t want to report politically sensitive stuff until after the election. They are encouraged in this by the GOP, who couldn’t win an election otherwise.
    We ask our voters to make a good decision in the voting booth, but we seem to agree that it isn’t right to tell those voters the information they need to make that decision. Somehow it is seen as wrong to let voters know that Palin is a scoundrel until after the voters have made the decision to vote for her based on thinking she isn’t a scoundrel. Some days I am sure our country has been taken over by the SS (stupid shits).

  4. One thing the dems need to do is to decide how to reply to the Rove playbook.
    Case in point – how many times have the repubs quashed investigations because an investigation against a repub is obvioiusly a witch-hunt. And especially that a dem can’t investigate a repub. And that only a repub judge can sit in judgement of a repub.

  5. I can’t anymore. I can do nothing but wait, in humiliation, for my chance to cast my vote and go home. They are hateful.

  6. if there is a god, sarah palin will burn in hell. along with the media enablers, mccain (all of them except the adopted one), cheney, bush, rumsfeld, gonzales, rice, wolfowitz and the rest of that nasty criminal cabal.
    if there were a satan, i’d sell my soul to get them there.

  7. I think Barack and Joe are – thankfully – going to bring a lot more than a Sternly Worded Letter to this party. They’ve got so much – possibly *too* much – to work with… including (as Aravosis today noted) that McCane was conspicuously absent his little old PATRIOT flag pin at the shindig Thursday night. Hmmm. Leave it at the house, Johnny boy?
    The McCain/Palin campaign is like a zoo full of monkeys slinging as much poo in as many directions as possible – all at once – so that the bar of “hey – wait a minute there…” is raised so high only the most egregious shit will be noticed by the general populace. Or media.
    It’s like releasing unrelenting chaff and countermeasures to keep missiles and torpedos from hitting you dead-on. Standard tactical stuff, actually.
    It’s also akin to another zoo analogy – there’s so much shit all over the place that not only can one not tell where the smell is coming from, the *really* stinky stuff is extremely well masked.
    And it goes on and on because no one (especially the AP) calls them on it – so Obama and Biden need to do one big thing: CALL BULLSHIT WHEN YOU SEE IT !!
    And keep calling it, and calling it and calling it…
    We. Can. Not. Lose. This. One.
    We just can’t.

  8. I don’t buy it. I don’t–the McCain campaign fucked this up. Period.
    First, no matter how much they stall the investigation, there’s too much already out there for the stink not to stick to her. There will be press who will investigate further, even if they somehow manage to stop the real investigation entirely. The people who would vote for Sarah Palin now aren’t going to be swayed by this information, and the rest won’t be swayed by Palin one way or the other. McCain can’t win on the fundie vote alone, and it’s still McCain at the top of the ticket.
    Second, a properly run campaign doesn’t have to make a hail mary pick. They don’t have their candidate in front of the wrong fucking backdrop. Their candidate doesn’t run behind in polling consistently.
    No complacency, no overconfidence. I’m going to fight like hell with the rest of y’all over the next two months. But I am *not* going to ascribe any kind of Rovian skill to these morons. It’s not there. Not even Rove has that Rovian touch any more. They had eight years to show those who voted for them that they were right to do so. They fucked that up. They Fucked That Up.
    At the risk of showing my age, I am strongly reminded of the Bangles tune, Hero Takes A Fall: “Suddenly your sycophants are chantin’ slogans at your door. They’re seein’ through you know…I saw it all before…”

  9. The depth of emotion and hate espoused by you libs underlines your panic that has been the result of Governor Palins instantaneous popularity and acceptance by Democrats, Rpublicans and Independants. If only you could be rated you would rank lower than the 9% approval rating of the Democratic congress. Palin is a breath of fresh air and the good news is that most Americans approve of her.

  10. I hate to say “I told you so,” but…oh, wait, actually I sort of get a jolt out of being right, even if what I’m right about is something that comes to slam me in the head.
    It’s going to be a close race.

  11. As the right so often reminded us about Bush’s wiretapping:”If you are innocent you have nothing to fear.” Goose, meet gander.

  12. I think McCain deliberately chose Palin as a throw-away candidate. He’ll never let her get close to the Oval Office.
    He’ll keep her in the campaign to assure he gets the evangelical vote and a big turnout from the anti-abortion folks. The people who will vote for her don’t care how dirty or clueless she is, so the bad press simply doesn’t matter right now. It probably helps; part of the McCain strategy is to corner the Stupid Vote.
    If McCain wins, all the Palin scandals will suddenly be seen as a problem, and he’ll force her to resign.
    Then McCain will appoint Lieberman as VP.
    That’s my theory, and I’m stickin’ to it! 😉

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