John McCain Sucks and It’s the Bloggers’ Fault! Again!

Good God, David Brooks is infuriating:

McCain started out with the same sort of kibitzing campaign style that he used to woo the press back in 2000. It didn’t work. This time there were too many cameras around and too many 25-year-old reporters and producers seizing on every odd comment to set off little blog scandals.

Yes. Yes, David. The youth of today don’t appreciate John McCain the way 55-year-old repressed wannabe moderate pussies do. They should go get haircuts. Twenty-five-year-old reporters. Who do you think provides the news for you to riff on, you starfucking whiner?

McCain started with grand ideas about breaking the mold of modern politics. He and Obama would tour the country together doing joint town meetings. He would pick a postpartisan running mate, like Joe Lieberman. He would make a dramatic promise, like vowing to serve for only one totally nonpolitical term. So far it hasn’t worked. Obama vetoed the town meeting idea. The issue is not closed, but G.O.P. leaders are resisting a cross-party pick like Lieberman.

McCain and his advisers have been compelled to adjust to the hostile environment around them. They have been compelled, at least in their telling, to abandon the campaign they had hoped to run.

You see, the shitty campaign McCain is running is all the fault of Barack Obama and the people covering the shitty campaign. If everybody would just agree to do what McCain wants to do, this campaign would be so much more freaking fun!

Funny how that works out.

Some old McCain hands are dismayed. John Weaver, the former staff member who helped run the old McCain operation, argues that this campaign does not do justice to the man. The current advisers say they have no choice. They didn’t choose the circumstances of this race. Their job is to cope with them.

Yes. They’re powerless. They have no choice but to let their campaign be defined by Jerome Corsi, the drooliest of the Freepi, and whatever it is that makes Chris Matthews’ legs twitch or whatever that was about. It’s just terrible. If only someone would come along and give them a hand out of the mire into which they stumbled, all on their own, back up into the light where they could run a good campaign, the kind that deep down we all know McCain wants to run!

If you look up enabling in the dictionary, Brooks’ pompous face is right there on the page.



6 thoughts on “John McCain Sucks and It’s the Bloggers’ Fault! Again!

  1. Of all the inane columns Brooks has written, this has to be the inaneiest. Will no one call this man a dumbass to his face? Srsly, even the other cocktail weenies have to be wincing at this column.

  2. ignore brooks, and read the EXCELLENT cafferty piece on CNN’s website. it was like a piece of cake with buttercream frosting.

  3. And the thing that really got me was the whining about how Obama was the media darling, and how that was what made McCain sink to this campaign which he really didn’t want to get involved in.
    Exactly when did you see or hear reporters raving about Obama the way the simpering pundits did for McCain and his donuts, his barbecue? Exactly how much attention did the press pay to the book, The Real McCain, as compared to the amount of attention they’ve already paid to Corsi’s book? Exactly how much time did the press spend looking into questions of the number of lobbyists on this so-called Maverick’s staff? Exactly how often did the pressedit one of Obama’s answers to make it seem more coherent on national television, as they did for McCain?
    Please. The man’s a whiner, and Brooks is an even bigger whiner.

  4. “Who do you think provides the news for you to riff on, you starfucking whiner?”

  5. My then 18 year old son delayed his first year of college in 2000 so he could work on the McCain campaign, a man he greatly admired. My son froze his butt off in New Hampshire and remained throughout without pay mostly for what he considered a good men.
    Today my son feels betrayed and wonders what he ever say in this creep. I want to thank John McCain for teaching my son a lesson I never could: that Republicans are hypocrites who will steal elections, divide the country and lie, lie, lie to get ahead.

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