Bad bottom calls you make the rockin’ Bushworld go ’round

Hello again. I’m sorry I missed my Tuesday guest-post assignment here at First Draft, but the family and I had evacuated to Florida, and our computer access was spotty. We made it through fine, but the communities in Louisiana’s fragile (but important) coastal regiontook another hit. 

One highlight of my evacuation to Florida was meeting commenter emeritusjoejoejoe in person. We spent a couple hours drinking and talking liberally, and raving about how cool Athenae is, and how lovably malcontented my friendJeffrey is, and all kinds of other political stuff. There was a rather uncomfortable moment when an inebriated women overheard us talking about oxygen tanks, and assumed we were gay off-duty home care professionals or something. She insisted on buying us a round, and thanking us for being… such thoughtful men. She informed us that men don’t need women, and that she’s still amazed that men didn’t smash all the women in the face with rocks back in the cave days. I told her that the “rock in the face” option was still on the table, and that “us guys” were going to have a secret meeting that night to debate its merits. (Not really.) It was fun stealing glances over at joejoejoe while this gal rambled on and on, though. She’s conservative and single, fwiw.

I really hated to write something and bumpJude’s hlairious post further down the page. (I mean, damn that’s somedelectable partisan goodness!) But still, I couldn’t let this bullshit pass. Here’s what our esteemed Treasury SecretaryHank Paulson said on September 7, 2008:

“Our economy and our markets will not recover until the bulk of this housing correction is behind us.”

So, one might interpret that statement to mean that perhaps we’re not through “the bulk” of this ongoing housing correction. Ok. In isolation, that quote seems reasonable enough. But two months ago, a spokesman for Paulson’s Treasury Dept.said that “you can sort of see signs of the [housing] bottom coming”. And this is the same grotesque mantra Paulson and his team have been faithfully repeating for going on two years. I’ve been tracking the U.S. Treasury Dept’s“bottomless bottom talk” for a while now, and it would be amusing if it weren’t so incredibly serious. How many families are struggling to make payments on homes with negative equity? And for nearly two years the U.S. government has been repeatedly telling them that they’re “at or near” the housing “bottom”, based on no sustained evidence whatsoever.

Makes me want to take a rock and bash in my own head.


Now your mortgages and homes
I got stiffness in the bones
Aint no beauty queens in this locality (I tell you)
Oh but I still get my pleasure
Still got my greatest treasure
Heap big [Hank] you gonna make a big man out of me

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  1. It was nice to meet you Oyster. Hope I didn’t talk your ear off.
    In any case I learned that older conservative women are persuadable if you ply them with martinis, oxygen tanks, and visions of romance. Even imagined romance between dudes. Not that there is anything wrong with it.

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