The Miserable Road Home


Time for an update on the latest developments on Louisiana’s Road Home program which compensates hurricane/flood damaged homeowners. It’s quite a mess indeed. Very few people have received their grants thus far. The program reports that 140,243 people have applied and there have been only 22,174 closings as of May 28. And now the program faces some very messy funding issues.

The progam is facing an enormous shortfall of funds which has triggered a nasty battle over who will make up the deficit. The shortfall is at least $2.9 billion but may end up as much as $5 billion or more according to a state auditor. The state says the feds ought to pay. The feds say this isn’t their fault blaming the state for paying out for wind damage rather than just flood damage which they claim they opposed from the start. There is evidence that is not the case however as the state points out their plan, approved by HUD, clearly stated homeowners would be compensated “regardless of cause of damage.”

As for Congress, as reported in the Times Picayune, Dollar Bill Jefferson has found “congressional allies
“don’t trust our numbers” and expect the
state to invest its own money in filling the Road Home
shortfall.” He also stated that members of Congress believe Louisiana has wasted money along the way.This His view has credence given remarks by Rep. Maxine Water recently

Taking her own shot at state officials, Waters said
she’s not convinced that the projected Road Home
shortfall is real.

4 thoughts on “The Miserable Road Home

  1. The Road Home program was put together by a Republican led government. Gee, correct me if I’m wrong but it wasn’t more than a few hours ago that I heard people like Mitt Romney, Rudy G and Sam Brownback talking about how government makes a mess out of everything. Isn’t that something.

  2. We would like to put in for the road to home program.our home is about 35yrs.old. it taken a
    a beaten with kateria,and now with gustiva. our home was sitting on some blocks. I think now it’s half way on blocks. our house is tilt to the side.we really need help, I’m on disabilty.
    my husband,is 63yrs.old.he’s the only one working. I hope it is not to late for this program.???
    If we didn’t need it,we would’nt ask’s. we do need it,so I’m asking????.
    Thank You,
    Mary Honor

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