My Friends Kick More Ass Than A Whole Temple Full Of Shaolin Monks

This shit is the shit.

Seriously, folks.

My friends are awesome.

Who gets Golden Eagle syrup in the mail? Somebody with some bad-ass friends, that’s who.

I’ma* make me some biscuits, and then make a pecan pie with what’s left over. 


What’s your perfect Sunday breakfast/brunch?

*For those of you from outside the Deep South–this is not a typo. “I’ma” is a widely used term that means “I am going to.” You use “I’ma” when you’re pressed for time, and do not have the luxury of drawling out “I’m fixin’ ta.”

13 thoughts on “My Friends Kick More Ass Than A Whole Temple Full Of Shaolin Monks

  1. Gawd, Jude, I was trying to convince myself to have a reasonably healthy breakfast.
    Now, I’m gonna have to go get some milk at the store so’s I can make pancakes. (I like the Bisquick version, the supreme–with baking powder, lemon juice and vanilla added. Mmmmm–fluffy and sweet all my themselves…) With Log Cabin syrup. Yes, I know it’s not really maple, and that pure maple is s’posed to be something special, but I like Log Cabin.
    And properly, pancakes should be served with bacon–super crispy, and thick–none of this floppy, wimpy shit they serve at Perkins or Village Inn.

  2. Mmm. That Golden Eagle is goooood stuff. I got Bama in my blood, though I was born in Los Angeles.

  3. Migas? You sound like my former roommate. She made migas all the time. Hmmmmmm… that’s good eatin’ fer sure.
    I’ve kicked it up a notch and am making some sausages today. First a few pork and apple links, then I’ll try some pepperoni. After those are cased up, I’ll be trying some cajon andouille. OK, not authentic but I loves it.
    Everyone should have a Kitchen Aid. God made the Kitchen Aid on the seventh day.

  4. I don’t eat brunch, but I have been known to getunbelievably cool things in the mail from friends. I b’lieve I can top your syrup, Jude: A friend of mine sent me an actual All-Clad 10″ frying pan in the mail. F’real. List price on one of those babies is about a hundred bucks. Squid knows where he got it; he damn sure didn’t pay retail. 🙂
    The rest of my kitchenware is KitchenAid (copper-bottom pots) and the All-Clad leaves it in the dust…

  5. Interrobang, that’s nice, but you could get All-Clad cookware anywhere.
    I can’t get this stuff around here.
    And pansypoo, look up this stuff online. It’s the best goddam syrup ever.

  6. Wakey, wakey, eggs and bakey. Well.. I’m a vegan, so I don’t eat eggs. See if you can fill in the blanks.

  7. I was referring to the Kitchen Aid mixer. I got a stainless one from sis for Christmas a couple of years ago. How did I cook without it?
    I have the sausage making attachment and some bodacious recipes.
    The links are done now – I’ve already cooked up a few…Yum!
    The apples were on a tree just a few days ago, the herbs in the garden this morning. Now, I got three little piggies on me plate!

  8. David A…Kitchen Aid mixers are the shit. I have a lot of the attachments…meat grinder, pasta maker…they all rock in amazing ways. I never buy ground meat, always grind my own…sausage making, wow…you can get the herbalicious flavors you want. The pasta maker…holy moly! Make your own spinach lasagna noodles!
    And baking! I’m in love with my Kitchen Aid. Anyone who loves to cook needs to have one of these machines.

  9. My perfect Sunday brunch:
    Bloody Mary, Beer (not just a back, and preferably Hopalicious), and 12 slices of perfect bacon.
    That, or anything you want to cook me.

  10. (I LOVE and couldn’t do w/o my KitchenAid Artisan – Empire Red! It helps me w/my buttercream, REAL BUTTER buttercream!)
    Waking up leisurely, moseying to the kitchen to make up some Belgian Waffle batter and get those going, pop some turkey bacon onto the skillet, shake up the o.j. and pour, and some kick-ass French press Sumatran brewing… It’s dreamy on my own and also when my friends crash over or come over for b’fast, I get to play BnB hostess. Plus, I trot out my big silver tray and the antique crystal/china to be all fanshy-schmanshy/Mini-Martha Stewart about it – it makes me happy.
    And I only use real maple syrup, plus I lightly dust the plates w/powdered sugar (sometimes cocoa!). And I put a wee hint of cinnamon in the batter. YUMMMMMMM!

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