No Daylight

You know, I give up. I just freaking … just …no. We do not have a rain date for this election. We do not have a democracy only when things are okay. We do not have stuff that we do LIKE VOTING AND OBEYING THE LAW and yes, John McCain, campaigning for high office, only when the sun is shining and the skies are clear.

I can’t believe I have to explain this to people. It doesn’t work like that. This isn’t agenius move. It’s a flail by a candidate whose star VP is looking like some kind ofwooden-headed moron on TV (oh, my God, the chirpy cheerfullness hurts my brain; it takes some kind of gift to make Katie Couric look stern) and whose poll numbers are heading south and whose party was up to its neck in this shit until a couple of days ago and whose president is at 24 percent and whose selling point is that he can’t handle the economy, like that’s his actual strong suit … It’s so full of fail on its face that … I’m sorry, I’m honestly having a hard time here.

But there’s something I’m not having a hard time with, and that’s this: WE DO NOT GIVE THEM A TIME OUT. We don’t give them a break, we don’t suspend campaigns, we don’t let them sit around until they come up with something. We don’t let them breathe for a minute. We don’t give them a ten-second head start because we’re nice and they’re old. We do not DO THIS RIGHT NOW because in case it’s escaped anybody’s attention the country’s been in crisis for a good long while; just because Chimpy McFuckStick has decided to make a speech and CNN has a special chyron does not mean the over-fucking of our economy is suddenly a new thing. We do not give John McCain and Sarah Palin a cookie for showing up. It doesn’t work like that.

They wanna cower in the corner and say, “Mommy, he’s being mean!” They wanna suspend their campaign? Let them. You go out and do your job come hell or high water and right now your job, Sen. Obama, is to explain to me and my family and my friends and everybody else in this country who’s been getting screwed over hard and long for months and years exactly how you’re gonna fix it. Something needs voting on you can go back and vote on it but from now until November 4 your job is to be out here with the people who just lost their life savings and the people who never had any life savings to begin with and the people who need their lives saved.

Now is not the time to hold hands and play nice. They’re on the ropes, they know it, the country knows it, Colorado and Virginia and Wisconsin and Minnesota and Ohio and Nevada and Florida know it, and you want to prove once and for all that Democrats are tough competitors? You don’t let them off the ropes. You hit them again. And again. And again. The more you hit them the slower they’re gonna get.

Because knocking them down and knocking them out and kicking them out of the ring in a hail of garbage and catcalls in 41 days is the only thing right now that anybody can do to fix this mess we’re in and that does not wait for one minute for poor old John McCain to catch his fucking breath. I’m done. No. America is not going to wait. America is not going to be told to sit back and chillax until John McCain gets a grip. America is not going to back up for you, Sen. McCain.

Not. One. Inch.


11 thoughts on “No Daylight

  1. Athenae,
    you’re really close. but remember what JR’s daddy told him.
    “Real power isn’t something you’re given. It’s something you TAKE.”
    McCain’s taking the power that had built up in the voters’ trust in Obama on the economy.
    Obama needs not to let him.
    That’s all.

  2. A…
    Great rant. By the end I was remembering the great scene in Animal House when the “boyz” figure out Wurmser is gonna run them out of school no matter what. And then decide its best to trash to town on the way out. That’s pretty much what and where the GoPers are right this moment. Hopefully, properly forewarned by movie learning, we can head off the “cake float from hell” before DDay revs the engine up!
    At least I hope our Congresscritters have enough sense to know what that the boyz from Delta House are up too. If not, then they deserve the wrath that’ll be raining down on 11/4.
    Too bad no crackvan for Chimpy’s speech tonite. I’d love me some punch>3 and monkeeezzz! 🙂

  3. Bravo! I’m laughing and cheering at work and people are looking at me funny. You’re right, this is no time to be nice. Defeat him soundly and get some grownups back in DC.

  4. Like every single thing said in public by the McCain operation, the story of McCain stepping up to lead is bull shit. After telling Obama that he wanted to drop the debate, and not getting Obama’s agreement, but instead having Obama say he would consult with his staff, McCain did not consult with his staff. What he did was meet with the airhead rich woman who is an expatriot and who backed Hillary, but won’t support an upitty N***** for president, so she is backing McCain with big $$$$. Rick Davis had made this decision to “suspend” McCain’s campaign days ago, in order to stop the rapid erosion of what little support McCain still has.

  5. NO NO NO NO! you are supposed to be cowering in the kitchen afraid of the coming depWession if we don’t pay georgee’s protection! BE AFRAID.
    mcPecker called WOLF!!!!!

  6. Oh, Athenae.
    You managed to throw inCinderella Man and Bernie Mac in the same post.
    If you weren’t married, you’d be my dream girl.

  7. Man, did y’all hear Wan Williams on NPR this morning? Talking about how this is a big gamble, but you know that the Sarah Palin pick was a gamble, and (I shit you not, he really said this) that paid off.
    That man should be renting out space in his head. Seein’ as how he’s not using it and all.

  8. yes! 100%. The wingnut line is that McCain’s doing his US Senator job. Well, when he accepted his party’s nomination he took on another job, persuading the nation to put him into the Presidency– and of the two jobs, the candidacy is vastly more significant. ‘Suspending’ that isn’t patriotism, it’s cowardice.

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