The Geriatric Bunny


Wind him up…watch him yammer on while wandering aimlessly…until naptime.

Considering how quickly time flies my feelings are a bit mixed in calling out Senator McCain on this–after all, I’m already certified middle-aged, and it’s not like the process can be reversed. Nonetheless, during the last week we’ve seen a performance by Senator McCain that–at best–could charitably be referred to as an extended series of senior moments.

And if the tables were turned, i.e., if the candidate were Democratic, does anyone think the Rethugs would show restraint?

Still, from last week’s just plain weird paean to fish around oil rigs to yesterday’s desperation Hail Marycampaign “suspension” (following his originalHail Mary, or should I say Hail Sarah play–by the way, it’s been a busy morning…is the campaign still on suspension, or is that just yesterday’s message?)…anyway, the recent events have made it quite clear that John McCain is, in the words of thatbleeding heart George Will, “not suited to the presidency.” I think, deep down, McCain knows this…and I also think, deep down, he knows he no longer has the stamina for the job, whether or not a posse of aides can be assembed to keep him wound up.

Well, in a sense, good. Because the last week has also made it clear that, despite the best efforts fromutter creeps like Rick Davis to turn the 2008 election into a morph of beauty contest and freak show, issues matter. Indeed, the public understands that issues matter, and it’s only a relentless barrage of media driven nonsense that’s even allowed for the possibility of a McCain administration, which, I hope, that same media is beginning to realize would be a disaster…particularly given the very real possibility that John McCain might well succumb to…well, health and age issues.

Aside:maybe the Mayans really DID know something about 2012. Good god, I hope not.

Anyway…perhaps the media is finally beginning to grasp that packaging what amounts to a freak show as “news” isn’t exactly a winning formula, especially at a time when the global financial system is on the brink of collapse (which might negatively affect THEIR wealth, along with everyone else’s.) After all, we know how that approach worked for the last eight years.

And finally, is it just me, or did Shrub last night look for all the world like a little boy who was called to the front of the class to report on a book he quite obviously hadn’t read? 

One thought on “The Geriatric Bunny

  1. Great set of observations! Yes, little George did look a bit like he was forced to stay after class and read an essay written by someone else. But, he has always looked like that to me, unless he is winging it, and then he looks more like his real self – blithering idiot.

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