The Stakes

No more like this.

There’s just under one month left before the election.

And I don’t know about you, but I’m fucking sick of looking atthis. For five-and-a-half years I’ve been checking that page. Almost 4,200 of our brothers and sisters have had their lives abbreviated by this clusterfuck of a war. It has to end. I know the economy’s in the shitter, and McCain is a crazy old coot, and gas costs four bucks a gallon. But let’s not forget about this stupid fucking unnecessary war. Hell’s not hot enough for the fucks who are responsible for it. This war is a theft, and what’s being stolen is not only treasure–it’s human lives, too. Hundreds of thousands of them, and surely more to follow.

Those are the stakes.

7 thoughts on “The Stakes

  1. For almost three years, up until the great “let the chef eff up my life” episode of ’06, I was checking that practically daily because I was a friend and had dated an Army officer. He had been shipped to Kuwait (for a tour that was extended as per usual, right before they went home), back in the states for not even 3 months, then to Baghdad for over a year. I sent him CARE pkgs, silly things, cards, letters, e-mails to cheer him up and stuff to share w/his group. There would be (and still are) times when I wouldn’t hear from him for a while, and I would hit the list.
    We got back in touch (once the sitch w/the chef was over), I still haven’t seen him, but supposedly he’s stateside…but I haven’t heard from him since July. Just checked again, thankfully, he’s not on there. I just hope he’s okay. He’s a really cool guy. I will fire off an e-mail to him, hopefully he’s just busy – and if the Fates are w/me, maybe he’s moving to New Orleans to make some headway on the levees (he loves New Orleans, so he’s the right dude for the job).
    I think it’s time for another vigil at the Mecom Fountains…

  2. clarification – I was a friend to the officer and we had started to date a little. We didn’t push anything as he was shipping out shortly. I miss him. He’s the last guy I dated that actually got to see me bellydance (to Gershwin no less). 🙂

  3. This fucking stupid pointless war that’s taken or ruined so many lives is the REASON that the economy’s in the shitter and gas is four bucks a gallon. Let’s not forget that for a second.
    Peace, V.

  4. hey Jude,
    I’m sick of running the site, but it’s my albatross.
    Michael White

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