5 thoughts on “Also? Go Suck An Egg, Racists.

  1. Someone who is a human AND an active Daddy who isn’t afraid of kids…so nice!!! I LOVE that pic!
    If only the munchkins could vote…hopefully their parents are inclined Obama’s way. 🙂

  2. I am sick to my stomach reading your filthy communist lies passed as facts!
    It is89.2% as of 10/07/2008 3:18PM EST.

  3. I filled out my absentee ballot today in Florida. I wouldn’t have bubbled that thing in more carefully if an evil robot had was going to laser me in half for going outside the lines. Finally a bubble in test I actually give a shit about after almost 4 decades on the earth.
    Also, nice photo! Holy crap. I don’t think that many people smile at me in a year. A Palin rally looks like a Munch painting. An Obama ropeline looks like a spray of cool water on a hot day. A McCain rally looks like the pilot the networks passed on instead of Matlock.

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