6 thoughts on “Happy Paul Krugman Photo

  1. Wonder what the freepi are doing about a Nobel Prize for a Lib-ral. Just proof that facts and education are lib-ral biased?
    Honestly though, on a tangent, as stated in the linked article, Krugman advocates a stock injection plan rather than a mindless buyout of bad debts.
    The repubs are always on the mantra of how government should work more like a business. If so, the stock injections are how a business would handle the financial market.
    That is, a company looking to bail out Lehman wouldn’t come in with a wad of money, buy up all the bad debt (and none of the “good” debt) and walk away with nothing. Instead, it would give the company money in exchange for part ownership in the company.

  2. Yay, indeed! And no, to the media, this isn’t just a giant fuck you from the Nobel Committee to George W. Bush, much as I would like it to be. It’s an acknowledgement of a great body of work by an accomplished economist…
    …who just happens to think Dubya is dumber than a box of rocks.

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