Stars & Stripes: New enemy in Afghanistan

On MondayWaPo reported Bush is facing pressure from the US military to shift focus from Iraq to Afghanistan including increasing force levels in the latter. InterestinglyStars and Stripes reports today that US and Afghan forces are clashing with a new enemy in Afghanistan…

Afghanistan — Foreign fighters with military uniforms are attacking
U.S. and Afghan government forces in Zabul province using conventional
infantry tactics, soldiers report.
Intelligence suggests the foreign fighters are from Uzbekistan and the rebellious Russian territory of Chechnya, in central Asia, he said.

“The foreign fighters tend to be better trained and financed than
the average Taliban. They have LBVs (load bearing vests) and canteens
and sometimes black or green uniforms,” he said.

During firefights the foreigners use conventional infantry tactics
like flanking, bounding and fixing targets, whereas attacks by local
Pashtun Taliban are usually poorly executed, Piluek said.


“You can tell if
the enemy are well-trained,” he said. “If their attack is expertly
executed, soldiers assume it is foreign fighters. When it is poorly
executed, soldiers assume it is locals.”

7 thoughts on “Stars & Stripes: New enemy in Afghanistan

  1. Isn’t this just the icing on the cake? The bitter fruit of turning our attention away from Afghanistan to invade Iraq? Yes, I’m mixing my metaphors. How else to talk about this stupidity? Stupid, stupid people in charge. And they don’t give a shit.

  2. Just how reliable a source is Stars & Stripes?
    I can’t seem to get over the last paragraph quoted saying that if they are good then they are foreign, if they are putzers then they are locals. Can’t help but wonder if this is a way of reconciling events with the obsessive mantra that we will just run over the primitive rats running into caves in Afghanistan.

  3. MapleStreet…S&S is independent of the military. They have broken some good stories for example the Baghdad Wall story.

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