Final Debate Crack Van Recap

Thanks as always to the transcription goddess leinie!

First, the meeting:

PompeoPosar: so whats the rules. “my friend” = 1 shot. “maverick = 1 shot. mccain freaks out and bursts into his natural form of a cloud of bats = 2 shots

karen_marie: i just got done watching a video interview of palin done in new hampshire recently
VforVirginia: karen did she rawk the constitution?
karen_marie: no but when asked about the “negative” campaigning, she shook her head and said “what are you talking about?”

leinie: Sheiffer: IT rubs the BBQ sauce on it’s skin or it gets the HOSE again.

suspect-device: okay new rule: anytime either candidate uses a verb, finish your drink

Then the whores:

leinie: AYERS
snart: Ayers
leinie: He said it.
Tommy_T1887: He did
Molly_Ivors: Here it comes…
Breny: Acorn, Ayers = distraction. People want to hear about the economy
DeeLoralei: tell the diff between voter registration fraud and voter fraud
Molly_Ivors: redefining “association”
BuggyQ: Who DO I associate with? YESSSS
Roadmaster: Comeback – HERE ARE MY ASSOCIATES< BITCH!!
sent sound: home-run
krizriktr: I<3 this man
Tharn: Slam Dunk!!!

Then the ACORNs:

Sinfonian: what the FUCK is the deal with ACORN?
Roadmaster: ACORN is the END OF ALL DEMOCRACY!!
suspect-device: ACORN has the BOMB
KarenNO: ACORN killed JFK
liprap: ACORN bombed the levees
Anon_From_Eschaton: ACORN made JMc a POW
Escariot: Acorn is run by Jane Fonda
liprap: ACORN wants to drill, drill, drill
liprap: ACORN caused the Frisco quake, along with Mame
danmcenroe: ACORN greenlit John from Cincinnati
Sinfonian: ACORN also cancelled Deadwood
Jack_K.: ACORN broke up the Beatles!
suspect-device: ACORN has the DEDUCT BOX
Anon_From_Eschaton: ACORN caused disco
Roadmaster: Acorn funded Steve Bartman!
Sinfonian: ACORN runs the Detroit Lions

Then the gerbils:

leinie: Remember Bob is like that gerbil up McCain’s butt

liprap: What’s the gerbil’s name? ACORN!!!!!

Then Obama won the debate, the election, a fair maiden’s hand in marriage, the throne of King Of The Space Pirates, and the Olympics all in less than four minutes:


7 thoughts on “Final Debate Crack Van Recap

  1. …and, sadly, it marks the end of what passed for my pathetic social life…I will miss the Crack Van…recovery will be tough…
    Thanks for doing it Athenae…and we missed you last night!!!

  2. Interesting how McCain (rhetorically) hid behind Hillary to deliver his attempted Ayers smear.
    Honorable. Courageous. Yeah, right.

  3. The worst thing about that passage, and the part that really sums up McCain’s entire campaign, is when he spouts off lies that Obama had JUST DEBUNKED. McCain will lie about anything, anytime, repeatedly, in the face of truth. He is a liar. LIAR.

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