7 thoughts on ““I am not George Bush”

  1. That ad has WIN written all over it. And I don’t mean Whip Inflation Now kind of WIN. I mean total pwnage kind of WIN. WIN, WIN, WIN.

  2. Saying “I’m not Bush” has gotta be a mistake. It opened the door to ads replying to this and tying Shrub around his neck.
    BTW and OT – what was with all the blinking last night. Does he have dry eye or should I start asking about body language and truth telling?

  3. It has become painfully obvious that Senator McCain has chosen to remain with the McCain/Palin campaign. I feel that last night was the last opportunity to announce that he had chosen a basket full of adorable kittens as a new running mate – which I think we all know would have won him the debate and boosted him in the polls.
    I am left with no choice but to resign my Chairmanship at the McCain/Kittens 2008 campaign.

  4. MapleStreet, as somebody who’s lived in the rather arid west all her life, I’m more than willing to cut McCain slack on the blinking thing. I blink constantly, and have to supplement with drops anyway (especially around now before the first freeze or when I go someplace with new allergens).
    That said, I think there’s more than enough fodder there for body language and truth telling analysis. The teeth gritting alone…

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