16 thoughts on “Sweet Mother of Mercy

  1. Geeze … is that part of what the $150K the party has spent on Palin & family for clothes and hair bought?
    Her fashion advisers aren’t all that and a package of chips either, are they?

  2. If she can’t tell the difference between a horse and a donkey I shudder to think what she was shooting at when she thought she was hunting moose.

  3. My Slogan “As a part of our brand makeover, we are changin’ our mascot to a Jackass”

  4. I work in the printing business and have seen a lot of Photoshop jobs, and IMHO, that hasn’t been ‘shopped.
    But then again, the kerning in “Vote” looks suspicious… /wingnut

  5. Like A and others said, they don’t look like donkeys. And that may be the one point in her favor. But still…!

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