Quitting Time Booster Shot

It’s over? I just GOT HERE! Man, that was fast. We went from a 1,000 years to hear about the death of newspapers, 60 years to hear about the death of broadcast to FOUR YEARS for the death of the blog? My BUNNY has a longer life expectancy than that, and we don’t give her the high-end feed… Maybe this will help explain exactly why I tend to laugh off people who spend their time on their (and other people’s) blogs telling me, “Newspapers are dead, man. So dead. They’re like a rotting corpse, man.”) Hey, ADD boy, at least the dead-tree folks continue to show up to work each day. That is, at least until someone cans them…

– Before someone gets too hyperactive and commits an act of blog-immolation, here’s a better look at this topic. I often wonder if someone these folks like to declare things dead as early as possible so that they can look like some sort of sooth-sayer when it eventually happens.

– From the“It’s always important to look your best” department: Miss Teen Louisiana was stripped (no pun intended… OK, maybe a little one…) of her crownafter police say she skipped out on a $46 tab at a local eatery She still had the presence of mind to smile nicely for the mug shot, unlike her friends at the bottom of the page. Stay classy, Louisiana…

OK, it could be worse…

Read this and then tell me how many nanoseconds it’ll take before people start abusing this thing like crazy. I imagine thousands of college guys hunkering down around their computers muttering, “Dump me for some local band guy, will you…”

– On that same note, once blogging and the internet are officially dead (which we’ve already established has happened) and we’re all only doing Twitter, I’m wondering if we’ll start seeing VD text alerts:

R U itchy? Me 2. Dr. sz get a shot.

Thanks for letting me share your air. See you next Friday.


3 thoughts on “Quitting Time Booster Shot

  1. What do I have to text to where to get those VD texts? Tell me! You’re a doctor, you should know!

  2. As if Google would find your facebook or twitter entry. Idiot.
    Just the right wing trying to shut up and shut down the blogosphere.

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