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  1. left rev says:

    I’m going to share this with my 17 year old,who is wild with ferret envy. She seems to think that a ferret is a magical furry wind up toy that will be her best friend, ride quietly in her backpack through the school day, and play endless games of hide and go get caught in the couch springs.
    My life threatening allergy to fur bearers isn’t putting a dent in her ferret ambitions, so perhaps this information will help her make an informed decision 🙂

  2. Athenae says:

    left rev, Mr. A thought that when we first got Fox. Hah. Did he ever teach us a lesson. We put him in a backpack ONCE. Never again.
    They do not, ever, ever, do what you want them to do. They do what THEY want to do.
    This graph should also have about a quarter of it taken up with “sit in vet’s office calculating how much one can get for a kidney on Ebay in order to get ferret out of hock” on it.

  3. pansypoo says:

    jeez they sleep that much? my cats don’t sleep as much as they say tho i think they have dif clocks.
    will have more w/pics on adventures in working the election training.

  4. mdh says:

    That is absolutely true but needs one more category:
    Moving furniture around to keep your ferrets out of the houseplants.

  5. mdh says:

    left rev, what A. said there. They are so much more willful than cats. My favorite part is when you distract a ferret from something it was trying to do (say… scratching at a door to open it, or climbing chairs to get to your african violets) with attention, play, treats, etc… where a cat would then wander off and do whatever next, a ferret will pick up exactly where it left off a half hour before – as though you had never intervened. Also, I’m pretty sure that scolding absolutely bounces off them.
    It’s really a blessing they sleep so much 18-20 hrs a day?? As a bonus, they are the very cutest while sleeping, and they all wake up like a teenage boy (quite slowly and occasionally unwillingly).

  6. BuggyQ says:

    Okay, breaking the ferret-talk trend to announce that I voted this morning! Yay! And from here on out, it’s all about getting everybody else that’s left to the polls.
    More good news: my mom is going to see Obama tomorrow, and she’s actually going with a ticket, so she’ll be in the VIP area. She got it by working a gazillion hours for the Dems since July, including an extra shift today. She called me last night to tell me, and I haven’t heard her so excited in a long, long time. She had a chance to go to the Mile High speech, but didn’t (long story), so now she’s finally gonna get to see him!

  7. racymind says:

    A nice laugh I just had…
    I was gonna put myearly voting post in the comment thread here, but I noticed just now that it wasalready frontpagedhere.

  8. Gordon Smith says:

    Sarah Palin is coming to Asheville, North Carolina tomorrow. Her visit coincides with Asheville’s Third Annual Zombie Walk. Hundreds of zombies will parade past the Palinistas while they’re in line for the event. It’s going to be truly bizarre.
    Read all about it at Scrutiny Hooligans

  9. mdh says:

    Her visit coincides with Asheville’s Third Annual Zombie Walk
    But is that really a coincidence?

  10. Aaaargh says:

    Wow, that graph is just exactly the same as for my dog!

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