Sweet SweetBarack’s Baadasssss Song

And the congregation says “amen.”

One week to go, folks.

I went down to the County Clerk’s office last week to vote–the wait was almost an hour. But nobody left. This week, I’ve heard that hour-and-a-half wait times are common. 

All the polls show bad, bad news for McCain. Palin’s playing smashy-smashy with his campaign. With luck, we’ll have enough Democratic Senators so that we canfinally tell Joe Lieberman to go fuck himself. And we just might get 270 House seats. Wonderful, wonderful news.

Just think. In just over one week, we’ll be celebrating our new, distinguished, intelligent, commieMuslimmarxistuppityNegroAmericahatingredistributionist overlord. It’ll be grand.

7 thoughts on “Sweet SweetBarack’s Baadasssss Song

  1. the vid was fan-frikkin-tastic!!! Between that, Michelle’s appearance on Leno and reading her blog about the girls’ Halloween costumes…I am really excited about the prospect of such a couple presiding over this wounded and whipped country and getting us back on the right track and moving forward at long last…
    It’s a good thing!!!

  2. My God, I have tears in my eyes listening to this. Amen indeed. From his mouth to God’s ear.

  3. OT but I made yourJude’s Ass Kickin’ Chicken and Sausage Gumbo tonight and you’re absolutely right … that’s some good shit. There is one problem with the recipe though – havin’ to salivate two damn aroma-filled hours before chowin’ down. Thanks for the recipe.

  4. Don’t you love Mrs. Alan Greenspan at the end, saying, in a VERY bored voice, “Barack Obama trying to fire up his supporters there.” TRYING, bitch? TRYING? He sent me through the roof, and I’m just a schlub sitting alone behind a computer on a cold morning. I wouldn’t be surprised to hear that anyone who was actually there in Canton felt their feet leave the floor.
    Yes, Barack Obama is the real thing. A visionary with down-to-earth skills. The one thing this country has not had for the last eight years: a real leader. It’s time. Let’s do this thing.
    Peace, V.

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