Piling On

Yeah, it’s funny.

But I’m not sure if I believe all these revelations.  I mean, we all know that Palin is dumb as a bag of hammers, but this stuff seems to be more from the whiny-ass titty baby playbook. “Oh, it’s Sarah Palin’s fault we lost.” Well, motherfuckers, you picked her. You knew what you were getting. And if you didn’t know, then that’s just shitty decision making on your part. Either way? Epic fail, and pass the popcorn.

10 thoughts on “Piling On

  1. Cherchez la femme.
    Had they won, the Republicans’ story would have been all about how John McCain, war hero and Great American, overcame That Alien Creature Barack Obama to keep the White House safe from socialism.
    Now that they’ve lost, it’s all the stupid girl’s fault.

  2. OK, but she certainly didn’t help.
    I’ll go back to what I said before: every move McCain made at a certain breaking point in the life of this election smacked of desperation. It was a sense that he was driving too fast on a slick road and started to skid. Each attempt to correct the problem led to an over-correction and all of a sudden WHAM! There’s the tree.
    I guess there are two things I completely dislike about politics:
    – People will turn on you faster than a deadly snake if it serves their purpose. I’ve never seen this kind of anger and vitriol in almost any other arena (OK, maybe with some insane hockey parents, but still…)The chants of “she’s our girl” turned to “that bitch” overnight for this “party of the people.” I think this is why kids are so messed up. They see how at any moment people can turn on one another and it just screws with them. I knew it was coming for Palin, but this is low even for the lowest common denominator (or is it demon-inator) of that group.
    – Winners get too “ha ha fuck you” and losers get too “fuck this, fuck you, fuck that. I’m taking my toys and going home.” That gun post Jude put up was a perfect example of this. Do these idiots think that Obama’s going to get a wad of Panthers and Hippies and wander the streets of Shit-hole USA demanding your gun at all costs? Even worse, as happy as I am about the outcome of this election (and believe me I’m ecstatic) I’m not doing the “HA HA! You just got your bitch-ass CHUMPED!” thing to the people I know were big McCain supporters. (I’ve had the urge to scrape bumper stickers off people’s cars in the parking lot, but I’ve suppressed that urge.)If Obama’s speech did anything, it reflected the line from Jed Bartlett in the debate where he explained, “I’m the president of these United States. I’m not just the president of the people who agree with me.”
    I’m hoping this will start to stabilize, that Palin will slink back to Alaska, McCain to where ever and that Obama will get some quality time to reflect on this monumental moment before he’s got try to fix everything that happened in the past eight years.

  3. My question(s):
    Carl Cameron has said that the items he has reported were embargoed until after the election.
    Knowing *when* Cameron learned what he reported would go a long ways towards being able to tell how true or made up they might be. So that’s question #1 I’d like to hear Cameron answer.
    But much more importantly, (if the stories are true)had McCain won the election, would we be hearing theses stories at all? What were the details of the embargo deal, Mr Cameron?

  4. I think the Republican establishment realized they chose the WRONG patsy partner for McCain. And once the loss was official – and La Palin’s REAL dream was known (2012), the powers that be in the Repubs decided to do all they can to squelch that, hence the slams, real and possibly some imagined.

  5. Wouldn’t a candidate’s level of knowledge be relevant to an election decision? Wouldn’t emotional maturity (or lack thereof) be relevant? Wouldn’t experience be relevant?
    So wouldn’t journalistic integrity demand that this information be reported and analyzed?
    Wouldn’t a pride in America want to analyze and report on the qualifications for the office? Why do the reporters hate America and take an action which is likely to harm her?

  6. My understanding is that the guarantees Mr. Cameron gave were only on the time of the release, and not the outcome of the election. This has been something Newsweek has done before in previous Presidential elections. The reporter (same guy? I don’t know) takes background and interviews for almost 2 years and then sits on it as a condition of the interview.
    That said, one thing that was fairly obvious was the presence and use of sexism concerning Palin, Sen. Clinton & her female staff by the campaigns.

  7. The Republicans are feeding on themselves. They chose Palin because they lack direction. When lost, it’s easier to go with what little you know. The Palin selection was a base play which they thought would reach disaffected supporters of Hillary Clinton. It backfired, although the economic implosion did more to motivate voters to pull the lever for Obama. They never admit mistakes – politicians rarely do, especially if they’re as nutty as this bunch – so they’re attacking her as opposed to seeking a new focus and direction.SplendidMarbles

  8. For the record, there are 41 countries and territories in North America.
    She’s still as dumb as a bag of hammers but I’ve give her this one.

  9. I have to say I loved this, and I look forward to the genre of “Sarah Palin is so dumb she . . . ”
    I mean, basically she was so dumb she didn’t know how dumb she was. She didn’t actually understand that most people in her chosen profession know a hell of a lot more than she does. She didn’t know they were SUPPOSED to know more. That is truly frightening.
    One thing that my beloved Jon Stewart did miss, though, is that there are a lot more countries in North America than Gay America, Mexico, and the USA, technically speaking, including most of (I believe all of) the Caribbean Islands, and most of Central America. Also, Greenland!

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