The Kids

This: YEAH.

For the record, throughout the campaign I wanted mostly to bring Bristol Palin over to my house and feed her. Her and that goofball boyfriend of hers. I find Jenna Bush kind of cute and however she wants to behave, it’s on her Dad that the world at present seems to be burning down, so that when she got into trouble I don’t really care that much about it. If everything I did in my early 20s was broadcast on CNN I’dstill be grounded, not to mention permanently unemployable.

And it was the treatment of Chelsea Clinton that first convinced my young self that Republicans were assholes;nobody is cute at that age, if you put a gun to my head and told me I had to be 14 again I’d tell you blow my brains out, and she had to do it in the White House. Ugh. The fact that she is as well-adjusted as she apparently is is either cosmic revenge or evidence of a kind and loving deity.

Until the kids are arrested for passing classified intel by carrier pigeon to Russia, let them be.


6 thoughts on “The Kids

  1. Methinks Malia and Sasha are going to do OK. They got good parents.
    Still, the job of First Daughters…well, that sucks.
    Of course, rather than a puppy the kids could get one of those little weasels.

  2. True dat. Leave the kids alone. If Sasha or Malia (or Jenna and Not Jenna for that matter) turn out to be John Quincy Adams 2.0 then we can worry about what they think about X.

  3. Caught the tail end of a Book TV appearance by Obama on C-SPAN for 10/20/06. Right before the midterm elections, as he was out promoting The Audacity of Hope.
    They were trying to pin him down on if he would run for the Prez. He wouldn’t commit – said he wasn’t being coy, but he was being coy.
    One thing he did say, though, was that you had to think about that position carefully, and consider what it was that you were asking for. That the people give you that unique position of power, that unlike any other place of influence, and in return, they expect that you will give up vacations, and sleep, and what you want so that you can serve them.
    He said he thought that people who got taken by surprise in the White House hadn’t thought about it completely – that you would have to sacrifice so much, in order to have that particular place of influence and power, and that it wasn’t just you who would sacrifice, but your entire family. That it was a very serious decision that had to be approached and considered in a very serious manner.
    My bad paraphrasing of what he said much more eloquently makes me believe that they have this covered. He seems to be wicked smart, and he seems to think three steps ahead, and Michelle is right there with him. I think they will find a way to protect those girls.
    We just need to have his back, when the inevitable slime starts to flow.

  4. If everything I did in my early 20s was broadcast on CNN I’d still be grounded, not to mention permanently unemployable.
    Really? Only if you were a democrat. Republicans makes careers out of this stuff. (See Norquist, Grover, Abramoff, Jack and Reed, Ralph)

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