Quitting Time Booster Shot

Thoughts on the end of a very strange, very good and yet very draining week.

– In case you missed it, not everyone in the GOPis going bat-guano insane ready to destroy Obama. And then of course there areself-described Democrats like this dude… Not sure how many of these guys there are, but it’s an interesting reminder that there are people who defy the stereotypes both parties like to fling at one another.

Yeah, and then there’s comfort in knowing that sometimes, people don’t defy our expectations…

–  My God, has it really been 17 years since Magic Johnson madethis historic announcement? If you weren’t there to see this at the time, I can’t even begin to explain how completely stunning this was. In 1991, this was tantamount to immediate DEATH. People still thought you could get it by casual contact (although in-roads were being made in education, many players said they would boycott a game rather than have to play D against Johnson). People didn’t die after 17 years. They died after 17 months. We’ve come along way from that moment at the mic to where we are now, even if there are still some really stupid people out there saying really stupid things.

– I might be late on this one, but is anyone else completely creeped outby this commercial for DirecTV?  I mean, the kid is dead! Been dead for a long time. Shedied in a creepy way after doing a series of creepy movies. If you really want guys to buy DirecTV, stick with this one. I know plenty of guys who owned “Vacation” on the old Laser Disk format just so they could go perfect frame by frame on this scene. (The Missus suggest a“300” version for the female viewers.)

– Speaking of “300,”this is priceless…

More proof that you should never, ever, ever, EVER go to a Kenny Wayne Shepherd concert. Or name your kid anything “Wayne-related.” 

– And from the “How bad is it if you’re professor is your high bidder?” file, we’ve gotthis andthis  Seriously, the best part of the second one comes in the final couple paragraphs where the reporter got a doctor to comment on how you shouldn’t let someone do this to you. Guess they’re training those journalists right at Mizzou… Way to get that “expert source…”

Thanks for letting me share your air. See you next Friday.


4 thoughts on “Quitting Time Booster Shot

  1. The DirectTV commercial creeped me out because it seems like a pre-District, back to “Coach” Craig T. Nelson as the frustrated “Dad” figure. Euwww.

  2. I quit watching the NBA after that day. At the time, it was because I was frustrated as my business began struggling late in the Bush I administration and I put way to much emphasis on the “attained” in his announcement. It wasn’t until years later that I started to realize what shock Magic must have been in.
    But I replaced the NBA with more reading and outdoor activities and have never looked back. Now if I could kick the NFL habit, I’d be a pretty decent husband. Perhaps next season will be my last…

  3. Here in Denver, they have found bodies buried in Cheesman Park, Congress Park and now in the Botanic Gardens. Unfortunately, it is not a mass murderer of old, but the fact that they MOVED THE GRAVESTONES AND LEFT THE BODIES!!!!!
    The TV people, THEY’RE HERE!!!!!

  4. Re “Wayne-related,” my former colleague Bill Morris (author of “Motor City”) had this hypothesis that anyone named Lee, Ray or Wayne was trouble. Lee Harvey Oswald, James Earl Ray, John Wayne Gacy, etc. Examples abound in our area’s police blotters, too, but that might be just because we’re in the South.

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