6 thoughts on “Saturday Blogwhoring Thread: Links of Unusual Size

  1. Barack has been a pillar of confidence, cool, and level headedness this entire campaign. McCain represents desperation, low road politics and putting self and your own personal aspirations far in front of country. There is no limit to the depths John McCain won’t sink to in an effort to win this election. He gave up country first a long time ago. Schwarzenegger, an alleged racist, who’s been critical of Sarah Palin and John McCain, now is being utilized as McCain’s saving grace. Politics are such a joke.

  2. News Flash: Sarah Palin got an abortion years ago.
    Remember, Sarah Palin continues to refuse to release her medical records. Why?
    McCain, Obama and Biden have released their medical records, to varying degrees, but Palin adamantly refuses to divulge anything about her medical history. Why?
    I doubt that there would be anything shocking healthwise, so it must be something else she is seeking to hide, something that would paint her as just another lying Republican hypocrite.
    Maybe, that she got an abortion?
    Just a guess.
    But Palin is definitely hiding something from her medical past, and the only thing that makes any sense is that she probably got an abortion in the early 1980s, within ten years of Roe v. Wade, something that she doesn’t want anyone, especially her fanatical religious fundamentalist anti-abortion followers, finding out about.

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