Today on Tommy T’s Obsession With The Freeperati – Birth Certificate Blues

Greetings, campers! It’s time to zip up and hit the airlock. As always, don’t forget to close both outer doors before opening the inner one – as the O-day gets closer and closer, the fumes from Freeperville are getting more and more toxic. Just a whiff of this stuff would be enough to turn you all into a pack of ravening titmice.
(actually, I just like saying “titmice”)

First up – a little Monday morning heresy… from World Nut Daily, no less

Barack Obama: God’s choice?
WND ^| November 29, 2008 | Drew Zahn

Posted onSaturday, November 29, 2008 5:35:23 PM byRobinMasters
Did God play a role in the election of Barack Obama, and could the Democrat even be God’s sovereign choice for our next president?
The answers to those questions vary widely, depending on who is doing the answering.
Among those praising the heavens for Obama’s victory was Larry Younginer of suburban Atlanta, who the Chicago Tribune reports kneeling at his church and praying the day after Obama’s victory.
“Lord, we have again come to you,” Younginger prayed, “and you have heard our cries from heaven, and you have sent us again from the state called Illinois a man called Barack to heal our land.”
The Rev. Randolph Bracy Jr. at New Covenant Baptist Church of Orlando, told the Orlando Sentinel that the victory of a young and inexperienced Obama was like the victory of the biblical boy, David, over the giant, Goliath.

You know, I once saw a guy toss a road flare into the puddle of gas around a leaking 5-gallon container.
Pretty much the same result here…

To: RobinMasters
Why post this crap?
You at least owe freepers the courtesy of posting this trash in the bloggers forum.

6 posted onSaturday, November 29, 2008 5:39:32 PM byJean S

Hey! I resemble that remark!

To: RobinMasters
God always ordains every authority under heaven…this is not news. The reason God has placed Obama as president is to bring Americans to repentance and turn back to God. This Reverand(sic) saying that God will bless America through Obama is a false prophet.

8 posted onSaturday, November 29, 2008 5:39:45 PM byTaggart_D

And here I was, thinking that the reason God placed Dubya as President was to bring Americans to the realization that they’ve been getting the BOHICA treatment from the GOP and to show them the Dems are here to help…

To: RobinMasters
God is in control of ALL things, even the election of obuma but not because He’s blessing us. Just as he sent plagues to Egypt to force Pharoah and the people of Egypt to repent and turn to God, so could be the election of obuma. That things could get SO bad we turn to God, cry out to him and THEN will he heal our land.

16 posted onSaturday, November 29, 2008 5:46:45 PM byspacejunkie01

“When Obama was in D.C land – Let my Freepers…gooooo”
There’s about twenty posts of what I like to call “Dueling scriptures”, and then – the punch line:

To: RobinMasters
Further proof that there is no god.

12 posted onSaturday, November 29, 2008 5:43:58 PM byOld Sarge (For the first time in my life, I am ashamed to be an American)

Hey “sarge” – I’m ashamed you’re an American, too. How about that?


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4 thoughts on “Today on Tommy T’s Obsession With The Freeperati – Birth Certificate Blues

  1. I enjoy it when the Freepi use some form of “Zero” to describe Obama because of the iconic O from the campaign. It makes Obama sound like a cartoon villain which actually will help him in the long run. Few things in popular culture wear better than cartoon villains. It’s not like calling him Tricky Dick or Slick Willy. It’s like calling him General Zod or Lex Luthor. Zero will kick your ass.

  2. I’m always surprised to read of “Christians” so-called who are sure that Obama’s election is a sign of the eschaton. I’m a missionary priest of the Episcopal church living in Panama, and the people in the parish in which I serve were offering prayers of thanksgiving for Obama’s election. Of course, the congregation is predominantly of Afroantillano heritage (black West Indian). I think many Christians see Obama’s election as a good thing for the U.S.A. and for the world.
    It must be so painful to be a freeper. I mean, your brain is always aching.

  3. When read carefully it is apparent that the constitution does NOT bar Obama from serving as President; he is a child of an american citizen and therefore an american citizen. The clause in question says “a natural born citizen OR a citizen of the united states…” It does not say “AND”.

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