Cold Cold Cold Weather Music


3 thoughts on “Cold Cold Cold Weather Music

  1. gyma says:

    I have this CD and love it. It’s so cold here in Colorado that the snow squeaks when you walk on it!

  2. pansypoo says:

    the rain took away the snow so we can get another batch. just effing cold.

  3. M31 says:

    If you want some truly icy cold weather music, try the song “Cold Genius” from Henry Purcell’s ‘King Arthur’ (1691). The frozen genius is thawed, and sings:
    What power art thou, who from below
    Hast made me rise unwillingly and slow
    From beds of everlasting snow?
    See’st thou not how stiff and wondrous old
    Far unfit to bear the bitter cold,
    I can scarcely move or draw my breath?
    Let me, let me freeze again to death.
    Here’s a wacky postmodern russian version:

    and here’s a version with Klaus Nomi (countertenor, new-wave icon)

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