In the post-Christmas haze that tends to hang over us at the Doc family household, very little gets done. We’re on the road, bouncing from family to family, so things like the internet often become unavailable (shudder).

Still, in stopping at this brief moment, typing with a serious time lag, I wanted to say thank you to all the FDers and everyone who reads my random musings. Writing is the one thing I really feel confident in. I often feel like a bad parent, a shitty teacher and a miserable human being (gotta work on that for my New Year’s resolution), but when I write, I feel better about everything. I think I’m a better dad, a better teacher and a less miserable human being.

I’d like to say thanks to all of you for helping me shape what I do. You all are amazingly great and smart people and you help me to think about things I might not otherwise conceptualize. You help me see the other side of the argument I’m making. You’re like the best of what the internet should be, as opposed to the ranting freakshow that MSM folks tend to think about when they derisively refer to “the blogosphere.”

So in these 2.3 minutes I have to myself until the end of next week, I wanted to say thanks for you all being you. Thanks for your help. Thanks for everything. Have a safe and happy season of whatever you choose to celebrate (or decline to celebrate).



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