13 thoughts on “Your favorite character from The Wire?

  1. It is too hard to pick just one but
    Bunk and Omar are always near the top os my list.
    As far as the second tier characters, I have a soft spot for Butchie.
    But srsly ya’ll, where’s the love for that fine upstanding politician Clay Davis?
    Sheeeeeeeeee it!!!!!!!!

  2. easily the best show ever. every single character, and actor, had/have so many dimensions. snoop, dukie, prez, bunk, carcetti, bunny, omar. just list them all.

  3. It is beyond criminal CRIMINAL that this show has never once garnered more than a single EMMY nomination!!!!. I mean Hank freakin Azaria was nominated for “Huff” a show no one watched yet Dominic West, Clarke Peters, and Wendell Pierce haven’t even had a sniff at the TV critics supposed “Best Show on TV”
    Anyway my favorite characters have got to be McNulty and Omar. They are really two sides of a coin. The good guy everyone loves hate and the bad guy the everyone loves.
    Easily the best show on TV and the only TV show I own on DVD. No show has ever had 4 separately distinct seasons while maintaining a superior level of quality in acting, direction, and production. Truly a masterpiece in the history of American Television.

  4. I love Bunk, Omar, Poot, Prop Joe, Cheese, Brother Mouzone, McNulty, Bubs, Daniels, Greggs, Freamon, Herc, Bodie, Bunny…the list goes on and on. I think my favorite characters are probably Poot and Prop Joe.
    I hated Ziggy.
    What an awesome show. It is on demand and I have watched all the first season, which is probably about my third time and I am halfway through season two.

  5. bdub…I’ve been doing the same with On Demand and what lead to this post. I was sick the other day and watched all of season 2. I hated Ziggy as well.
    Lib4…everything you said…true dat

  6. just a heads up- Season Five, the final season of The Wire, which will take on journalsim and the media as the season theme, will debut January 6, 2008.
    For those uninitiated to this truly amazing show, now would be a good time to catch up on the first four seasons. It may take a bit to get into it at first- it’s not “regular” television, but:
    As scout and the others here will attest, it’s worth it.

  7. I love Bunk, too. And for fans of Wendell Pierce, he’ll be playing Vladimir in four performances of “Waiting For Godot”, twice this weekend on a deserted lot in the Lower 9th Ward, and twice next weekend on the roof of a gutted house in Gentilly.
    Wendell went to high school with me and G Bitch and Lolis Elie and the Marsalises. We are quite the star-studded bunch. I mean, except for me. OK, fine, so I mean *they* are a star-studded bunch. Anyway, Bunk is cool.

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