5 thoughts on “Don’t Divorce Us

  1. I LIKE this tactic — it puts faces on these very real families and couples — one of my big complaints about the No on 8 campaign was that it was too detached, too cerebral… to get to people, you have to really make something personal and REAL — show them photos of their friends and families that will be relegated to second class citizenry. I think a campaign like this — with photos of the children, of the weddings, of family surrounding the couples, of couples and families on vacation or in front of the xmas tree… that’s REAL. These are REAL people — your friends and neighbors. Why would you want to harm them??

  2. Silly Athenae!
    We can’t allow happy families where everyone loves one another — then where will all the sick, hate-filled, frustrated people come from to fight Republican wars?

  3. drunken hausfrau nailed it–and while drunk! I’m impressed. Srsly, making the people affected by this real and present to those who voted for Prop 8 is the best possible approach IMO. This is a sweet, gentle approach to changing minds.
    Here’s hoping it works.

  4. It is a great tactic… presuming of course you can get your video run over and over again in the cable and teevee networks.
    But, one must remember, that the twisted F’s who are opposed to the basic human right are the same twisted F’s who have their OWN GAY SONS AND DAUGHTERS, and are happy to hold bigoted, anti-gay politics because to them… its just good politics.
    Sad, but oh so true.
    And panyspoo — I like it! While we’re at it, maybe we should separate some hands from arms for those bankers and financial folks who are just a wee bit usurious and thieving???

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