Inaugural Schedule


I’m going to be (I can’t believe this) out of the country while this is going on, taking a long-planned trip that would have been a much-needed escape had the election gone the other way. However, I think with a guest driver or two, the Crack Van can be aired out and prepped for service so that you can all celebrate in style.

And wave goodbye to the Usurper as he flees the White House in disgrace.


7 thoughts on “Inaugural Schedule

  1. Nice tie-in and use of dates to sandwich in the swearing in, community service and MLK day as a day of service.

  2. Crack Van!!!!!! I’ll be taking that day off to enjoy the festivities, except for my class–there’s just something wildly appropriate about teaching U.S. History I on Inauguration Day. 🙂
    President Obama. Can’t wait to say that for real!

  3. might have to bypass the airing out and go straight to Pimp My Ride.. just to get the funk out..

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