Dick. Diiiiiiiiiick.

Usually what I object to with jackholes like this is the “hey, I meant it as a joke, gosh, you’re just so humorless” dodge they pull when called out on their jackholery. This guy makes it an art form, and yeah, he may be well within his rights, but to cloak your desire to be a chewy little frat fuck for the rest of your life in canting about free speech and how man, the terms of service say you shouldn’t be abusive, and words can hurt, kids, so play nice, is really above and beyond.

Anybody with even a passing familiarity with alt.shitheads back in the bad old days of the Internet, much less a passing familiarity with the Internet now, much less a passing familiarity withhumans, could not credibly say that anything BUT this would be happening.

I mean, really. Since people could carve slashes and arrows into stone they were putting up anonymous shit about each other. The only thing the Internet did was make such postings global. This is basic human nature stuff here. We’re pricks, a lot of the time. We say crap online and we whisper behind people’s backs and since the beginning of time this has been true. So you can’t start something like this and then be all OMG BEN FRANKLIN INTENDED FOR ME TO DO THIS WHEN HE INVENTED ELECTRICITY I NEVER THOUGHT PEOPLE WOULD BE SO MEEEEEEEN!!1!


6 thoughts on “LURK MOAR

  1. but to cloak your desire to be a chewy little frat fuck for the rest of your life
    I think you mean “juicy”.

  2. I think that if you embrace being a dick as a god-given right, you should be required to accept my punching you in the throat as my god-given right.
    And it’s funny how asshats like this only ever get in high dudgeon about “rights” when said rights involve their petty amusement. I doubt Mr. Ivester gives two shits about Gitmo, or wiretapping, or habeas corpus, etc., etc.
    And what’s evenworse about this is that it gives ammo to the pearl-clutchers who crow about the Internets being the end of politeness. ‘Cause, you know, before DARPAnet, we all worshiped Emily Post as the One True God.
    Dammit, A, this is supposed to be a day of celebration! Why you put up things like this?

  3. yeah Jude, but it’s not just his “petty amusement” at stake. This is his attempt to grab at a huge pile of cash without having to do much so that he can be the next 25-year-old zillionaire douche like the Facebook guy. Don’t make him work for a living, man! He was president of a frat at Duke!

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