Riding the Adrenaline Chicken

Down the bayou, newspapers are writing stories about a new cajun seasoning product called“Adrenaline Chicken”. It’s marketed as “Cajun Crack” and after reading about it this morning, I knew I had to try it. Here’s a slice fromone article:

[Chef Nino] Thibodaux is most proud of the label and the saying featured prominently on the front of the can.

The happy yellow chicken was designed and drawn by his son, while the phrase “Packed With Pure Adrenaline Chicken It’s Cajun Crack!” was coined by Thibodaux himself.

After having reservations about Thibodaux using the slogan, Rouses [supermarket] officials decided to let him keep it.

“Why do I put Cajun crack on the can,” Thibodaux said. “First of all, it’s funny as hell. Second of all, us Cajuns are so enthused about spices and life we don’t need drugs. This is our crack.”

(Big Pharma would like to disabuse Cajuns of their “drug free” mentality, perhaps, but that’sanother story.)

I told my wife Lovely to get some “Cajun Crack” when she made groceries this afternoon, so we could try it out for dinner (with Spanish rice and salad). She bought chicken breasts to go with it, which is unfortunate because white chicken meat is about as flavorful as sawdust or gypsum. So this would be a true test for the new seasoning.

I’m sorry to say that despite the awesome name, Adrenaline Chicken is a big disappointment. It’s not that flavorful, or spicy, or even hot. Worst of all, there’s nothing addictive about it in the least. Plus, it has MSG and preservatives and other nonsense. It’s not fit to hold Paul Prudhomme’s ample, magical jock. In other words, it’s like a political crack van without sound effects.

Speaking of which, Louisiana’s latest capital punishment “reform”– a move to administer death by“cajun injection”— is beyond hideous, and I want to go on record here as strongly condemning it. It’s insulting, cruel and… (actually, it’s a joke. And not a great one. Sorry. But I did just reference Chef Paul’s groin, so you can’t be that shocked.)

Also, do any of you Austinites remember when Adrenaline Chicken opened for Crimpshrine and Gorilla Biscuits at the Liberty Lunch in 1989? Was that not the best imaginary show ever?

11 thoughts on “Riding the Adrenaline Chicken

  1. My personal preference is Delaune’s Cajun-All Seasoning. It doesn’t seem as salty as Chachere’s, and goes well with a lot of stuff. It’s also less expensive, although you have to make sure you don’t get the meat/poultry seasoning, which is mostly just paprika (sometimes they get mixed together on the shelf.)
    I used to think I was cheating by using a spice mix that wasn’t homemade…but, c’mon, there are only so many hours in a day. Besides, at least I make my own roux.

  2. Since I don’t do Crack (unless it’s when the Crack Van is out of the garage), I wasn’t interested when this product came out. Your culinary report has definitely put me off on this product. So did the reference to Prudhomme’s crotch.
    If ya’s desire spicy chicken, use Woody’s Sauce and add liberally the spices in your spice rack.
    Hmmm… need dinner now, and I have Woody’s chicken in the fridge. Must decide, tuna sandwiches or a Woody’s Po’Boy. Decisions, decisions…

  3. When I lived in Brooklyn, there was this place called HOT BIRD. For the life of me, I can’t remember where the joint was (Flatbush Ave?) but I remember the box – it was a whole chicken in a bright yellow box kind of like a hinged shoebox, with HOT BIRD printed in bright red.
    And the bird was rotisseried, crusted with some kind of bright red mixture.
    It was of the gods.
    THAT was some crack.

  4. Last night I (mostly) followed Chef Paul’s recipe in the creation of a large pot of turtle soup with which we celebrated Menckles’ birthday. Sadly there were no photographs of this process.

  5. Hey, oyster, I’m sorry you only like the greasy, chewy parts of the chicken. Or maybe not, because that leaves the good stuff for me. 😉

  6. I took conversational Italian from Dino in a continuing ed class. In addition to the fee for the class, we had to buy a textbook for the class written by guess who? Bingo! Dino! He was a huckster then, and he’s still a huckster. Thanks for the review. I won’t bother spending my money.
    Congratulations on your new gig. You’re in the big time now. Watch those goils at FD. They’re tough.

  7. I personally know Chef Nino and use this seasoning blend myself. I don’t know what you did when you cooked your chicken, but you did it wrong. First off, the label says it is a milder blend. Second it has 20% less salt then tony’s and slap ya mama. When you use it, you have to be liberal with it. Coat it, dont just sprinkle it on. And while i do agree with you about it having msg, the preservatives are anti-caking materials. Give it a try again and be liberal with it, i think you may change your mind about it – the flavor is amazing. And if you want some more heat just add some cayenne

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