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  1. I think his comments post-9/11 (on Sept. 17th) saying “Islam is Peace” were admirable and went a long way towards keeping violence against “the other” inside the US down to a dull roar. In hindsight a lot of the positive comments about Islam in general can be chalked up to a hyperfocus on the secular Saddam Hussein but in the moment it was a good thing for Bush to do. Switching to the ‘Islamofascism’ horse midstream shows that it wasn’t really a principled position but at the time, it was a decent thing.

  2. insisting on barricading himself (and all the other unduly rich mucky mucks that will soon be his neighbors) in his new neighborhood…
    May the gates only open when the nice guards from The Hague come calling on him to take him on the big flying machine to visit a ‘furrin’ country…

  3. I believe he signed the anti-telemarketing law before he had to fight the evil-doers. That’s the only thing I can think of right now.

  4. He’s done lots of good things.
    If you’re rich. Think about it.
    I’ve actually been meaning to write a post about the spectacularly successful Presidency of George W. Bush. If you’re in the top .1% of the income bracket, you cannot but think so. Bush carried out a looting of the Treasury on a vast, vast scale, and handed the bill off to people who won’t even be born for another ten years. And these same rich pricks, these John Galts bestriding the world like Colossi, they don’t even have to pay taxes on the inheritances they’ll give to their progeny. Just like Ayn Rand intended.

  5. He made it possible for an African-American to be elected President of the United States.

  6. He mobilized millions of people to actually be involved in the political process again…

  7. I’m pretty sure he got the coke up the nose and the whiskey down the throat part right when I saw him in action in Alabama.

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