A pair of ragged claws scuttling…

Senator Hillary Rodham Clinton’s smooth ride to confirmation as
secretary of state hit a small bump on Tuesday as one of her Republican
colleagues blocked a vote on Mrs. Clinton’s nomination, citing ethical
questions arising from donors to her husband’s charitable foundation.

Senator John Cornyn of Texas objected to including Mrs. Clinton’s
name in a unanimous consent vote for several Cabinet nominees,
scheduled for hours after the swearing-in of President-elect Barack
Obama. The Senate majority leader, Harry Reid, plans to hold a
roll-call vote on Mrs. Clinton’s nomination on Wednesday, which she is
expected to win easily.

A spokesman for Mr. Cornyn, Kevin McLaughlin, said, “this is not an
effort to scuttle or block the nomination, but a legitimate policy
difference. Senator Cornyn’s goal is to create transparency on all
levels of government.”


7 thoughts on “A pair of ragged claws scuttling…

  1. “Senator Cornyn’s goal is to create transparency on all levels of government.” Huh, you would’ve thought that he’d have had a hard-on over Dick Cheney’s ties with Halliburton or the identities of the members of the Dick’s Secret Energy Task Force.

  2. I’m having a hard time understanding Cornyn’s statement. He’s not trying to block the nomination, but…what? What is it that he’s trying to accomplish with this? I’m serious–does he really think there’s something that he can do by putting this hold in place?
    ‘Cause if not, he looks even more stupid than I thought. As I said in the Crack Van, Cornyn’s putting the “bowel” in front of obstruction.

  3. Cornyn IS a bowel obstruction for sure. Total ass-knob. Where was his quest for ‘transparency’ these past 8 years????

  4. Dumb Question: If it is indeed a legitimate policy difference, why didn’t he ask for a role call for the nominees on all the other positions?
    Sounds more like an attempt to be an irritant and get at Clinton.

  5. First of all, you have to understand Senator Box (post) Turtle.
    He represents a demographic that hates the Clintons first, last, loudest and all ways. Period.
    Second of all, you have to understand Senator Box (post) Turtle.
    He doesn’t belong there, he didn’t get there by himself, and he’s got no idea what to do there.

  6. There you go, First Drafters, making me chortle out loud at the office– again– thus revealing to all my extracurricular activities whilst pushing paper around…
    I have to say I was shocked out of my mind this morning when MoDo wrote an entire column without even alluding to the Clintons. Maybe things HAVE changed.

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