Fox In Socks

We named him Fox in Socks, because he had little brown feet, much darker than the rest of him. Your first ferret, I always tell people at the shelter, is your gateway ferret. That’s the ferret that convinces you a) ferrets are awesome and b) if one ferret is awesome, ten ferrets would be TEN TIMES THE AWESOME. Next thing you know, you’re calling up Rudy Giuliani on the radio.Your first ferret, that’s how they hook you.

Shortly after I took Friday’s pic of him triumphantly conquering the dining room table, Mr. A and I noticed Fox was looking a little tuckered out. Since he had a tumor removed a month and a half ago, his adrenal disease really kicked into high gear, and he promptly lost all his tail fur. He looked like a tiny, skinny possum, but because he was eating and drinking and running around playing, and taking his medication from the vet, we weren’t too worried. But we had been feeding him mashed-up food anyway, fatten him up a bit. He ate pretty well for a while, but yesterday he got kind of a thousand-yard stare going, and after spending an hour on Mr. A’s lap and another few minutes on mine, and some time snuggled up with his brother, he walked a little ways out onto the floor in their room, curled up in a little ball, and just … left.

I suspect the cancer finally got him, or it could have been simply age. Either way, though I am righteously pissed that we seem to be losing all our pets at once, he died here where he had everything he loved around him, and for that, as well as for many other things, I’m grateful to him. He taught us that ferrets are awesome, that no matter how badly our days were going he still wanted his treats, and most of the really incredible laughs I’ve had over the past six and a half years were due to his antics.

We will likely try to find a new ferret soon, because we don’t want Stripe to get too freaked. I don’t put a lot of stock in ideas of the afterlife, but I hope if there is one, Fox and Joe have found each other and Fox has resumed trying to convince Joe once and for all that despite the 3-pound weight disparity, Fox is indeed the alpha male.

Fox was a good pet. He was good to us, and he’ll be missed.


40 thoughts on “Fox In Socks

  1. Oh A. This is so sad. I am so sorry. My condolences to you and Mr. A.
    We’ll miss you dear little Fox. Thanks for being so awesome to A.

  2. Thanks, guys.
    Hee, “furry slinky of joy.” When we first got Fox, we got him one of those plastic tubes for him to run through. Well, he got all the way inside it and started thrashing around. Mr. A looked at it for a moment and said, “Behold, the haunted Slinky!”

  3. The loss of a four legged family member is always hard. I’m glad that Fox was surrounded by the things and the people he loved and enjoyed in his last days. My best thoughts and positive karma to you and Mr. A.

  4. O o o – Athenae – o dammit.
    I’m so sorry, my dearest dearest Athenae. So sorry.
    I’m sure he’s in the Summerlands, gamboling through soft green grass and sticking his nose into everything and rolling and tumbling and having the best time a ferret could even imagine having.
    I love you my dear, very much, and I’m just so terribly sorry.

  5. Condolences. I just buried my oldest setter yesterday, up by his son & many other setters & one shorthair. It never gets any easier. It never erases the mistakes & the love & the pointed birds & the retrieved birds & the groans he made when I scratched his ears. Like you, it seems all I’m doing these days is burying friends & relatives. & not to mention watching my country die under Bu$hCo. Where are the sex, drugs, & rocknroll?

  6. Athenae–
    My heart is with you and your home, today. Love Stripe with all your might, and I do hope that happiness will find its way home to you.

  7. Oh, Athenae, I am so very sorry. I can’t imagine losing two in such close succession. You are very much in my thoughts. I know nothing can ever replace Fox, but I do hope you give another furry slinky a good home soon. There are lots of creatures who deserve the kind of love you give. And they return it in ways we never imagine.

  8. I am so very sorry for your loss. I could always count on Fox and Spike to give me a smile and a laugh at the end of my week. He will be missed by all. My thoughts are with y’all.

  9. I’m so sorry for you A. Condolences to you and Mr. A.
    I’m sure Fox and Joe are having a fine old time in the Summerlands.

  10. dang. when are you gonna get a girl?
    i am getting to the point where losing one, let’s you let another bundle of fur into your heart. i have lost 3 cats now, and eventually i will need new spares. i lost 3, but i have 2 new furballs.
    memoralize, write down they best times. i have a book by fraph steadman about his friend’s cat. i probably could do that for mine. with illuistrations.

  11. As Flannery would say – Goddamn every Goddamn thing to hell…
    … sounds like he said his good byes perfectly.

  12. So very sorry for your loss, Athenae. Best wishes to you, Mr. A. and Stripe. Here’s hoping the gods have just smiled on one (or two) shelter ferrets who may find themselves in your loving home soon…

  13. As a long-time reader (first tme commenter), I have gotten to know your ferrets and am so sorry about Fox. My sister’s ferrets are all waiting at the Rainbow Bridge, she says, so Fox will be waiting, not only with Joe, but also with some other lovable weasels.

  14. I’m so sorry for your loss, especially since it is a on-two punch. It’s a blessing that he went at home, pretty much enjoying life right up to the end. That is what I have hoped for all of our cats, but it almost never happens.
    Remember, the best thing to fill that hole in your heart is love for something. Hugs.

  15. Athenae, and Mr. A:
    What a shock for you both. It’s bad when you don’t see it coming, and it’s bad when you have to wait with them when you know it’s going to happen. It’s just bad and sad and it breaks your heart every time.
    Hugs to both you, and scritches to Stripe, now sole Master of the Enormous Octopus.
    You know, I’ve spent the last two days doing some wildland conservation, in waist-high prairies full of warm flower scent and rustling grasses and the sweetest-smelling soil. That’s the kind of place where Fox is now, except for when he feels like company and he meets up with Gilliard, who probably sneaks him some crust off the macaroni and cheese.
    I’m of the get another pet as soon as you’re able school, so I support your choice to do so if you feel you can.

  16. My condolences, Athenae and Mr. A. What a time of grief. I hope your memories of Fox make you smile through your tears, and that the thought of Joey and Fox romping together on the Rainbow Bridge gives your heart a little lift. Blessings and good memories.
    Peace, V.

  17. I’m so sorry to read this. How very sad for all of you. Our neighbors asked us to feed their ferret while they were away this weekend and my daughter (who’s been to visit him before) showed me how he loves to eat banana. What a sweetie he was – I can see how they make their way into your heart.
    My condolences,

  18. At least he will never have to see President Giuliani! {I pray to God we don’t have to either, although after the last 6 years I am taking nothing for granted.}

  19. I’m so sorry. What a hard weekend this must have been for you both (and likely Stripe too).

  20. Sadness… It’s hard to lose a critter, whether you see it coming or not. But all his little antics and those fun times are embedded in you – you were a part of him and he’s a part of you.
    Positive vibes to you and Mr. A and Stripe.

  21. My deepest condolences, A. Thanks for sharing him with all of us. Keep Stripe close, as y’all need one another, especially now.
    Damn. This has been one fucked-up weekend. . .

  22. Oh, A and Mr. A! I am so terribly sorry to see this. Blessings to you both and to Stripe who will have a hard time wondering ‘Where’s Fox got to?’
    I still miss my childhood dogs long passed, and my grown-up life’s late cat… The only part about coming back from New Orleans yesterday was getting to see my current two cats.

  23. A., I am so sorry. I know that you Mr. A. will miss him. I’m sure Fox and Joe are together, and, perhaps, they have come to see that they can just be friends and neither has to be the alpha male.

  24. You gave him the best life you could, he could not have asked more from you, and he gave you as much as he could. And all are better for it.

  25. I wish our dear furred children had longer lives. I’m so sorry that Fox has crossed over. Your loyal blogreaders will miss his antics.

  26. Athenae- I’m so sorry you lost your special friend. My best to you and Mr. A. Fox is over the Rainbow Bridge waiting for you. Thank you for sharing Fox (and Joe, and Stripe) with us.

  27. aww damn…
    Joe and Fox… Teddy…even amongst those of us who never had the privilege of meeting the little furballs, they’ll be sorely missed.
    my condolences, A.

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